Then And Now – Looking Thru The Time Tunnel

Then And Now – Looking Thru The Time Tunnel.

The Sekinchan Nine Emperor Gods Temple is a good place to juxtapose or frame the vast paddy fields. It sits in the middle of he farm land. The ornamental windows on the perimeter wall fence provided a flash back to 2012. I captured the green paddy fields behind one of the windows back in 2012. Now in 2017, during the monsoon season, the fields are submerged in a sea of flood waters.

If you are attempting a visual comparison such as this, do not pull your hair out in frustration; if the two images don’t line up or match perfectly and there are reasons. The wall and windows were painted over and the paint may be of different pigments and hues.

Also the structure may have changed shape in the heat, over the years. Don’t forget the camera, sensor and lens are different and the rendition will be different. Amazingly, both cameras picked identical exposure settings in auto metering.

Upper: Olympus OM-D EM-5, ISO 200, f 10, 1/320 sec Year 2012

Lower: Panasonic Lumix GM-1. ISO 200, f10, 1/320 sec Year 2017

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Fish And Chips Ah Beng Style In A Container

This time photographed with my Asus Zenfone 3. Fish and chips Ah Beng style includes Hash Brown and a sausage. Unconventional but I like.

The cafe is halal though and the chef and kitchen crew appeared to be Malays. The owner should be Chinese as I saw the red altar of the Chinese land or ground deity outside the kitchen.

Photography Tip: Add a little corner vignetting to make the widescreen format (16:9) of the phone more constrained and intimate.

Asus Zenfone 2, ISO 102, f2, 1/120 sec.

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Nasi Lemak At Hotel Farm Ville

One more from Farm Ville Homestay in Sekinchan the other day. Nasi Lemak from Farm Ville’s cosy cafe in a metal shipping container. Everything including rooms and toilets are in a metal container. Was cooling during the rainy weather. Not sure if the air conditioners can keep up during hot days.

Rice is presumably from the touristy Sekinchan Rice Factory nearby.

I have included the two ladies (local paddy farmers’ daughters) at the back to show it is not the deserted Hotel California it appeared to be and also to show the casual atmosphere (eg; her leg on table). You can make food shots atmospheric by including elements of the surrounding environment to tell a story.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 250, f4, 1/320 sec.

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Almost Hunky Dory

When I created the food photography page, I was looking for a means to upload 130 pics to a sample gallery. One can upload a directory as an album, I discovered. Surprisingly, it was quite fast with Unifi. I compiled selected pics into a directory in advance.

All was hunky-dory, Then my problem started, I needed to go back to each picture to write a description of the pic. Took a while and I think I finished 90 per cent of the pics. Main problem was I have forgotten what or where they were captured. Yes, there was a dory fish. Needed to search for the original posts but here we are:

Click on Photo on the sidebar there to see all samples:

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Food Photography Services by TV Smith Malaysia

I stared a new Facebook Page at:

Titled: Food Photography Services by TV Smith

Customers can call or message +6012 3368360 or e-mail

Please visit and like the new page. I have uploaded more than a
hundred food pics to the gallery/sample album.

Food photography has come a long way. I am planning to provide a
commercial service because I found many restaurants making
unauthorised use of the pics I published to use at their eateries.
Sometimes, they are not even the originating restaurant but it was
because they sell the same food. Haha.

I intend to provide an affordable service for restaurants requiring
good food pics for their menus, posters or light boxes. I said it has
come a long way because I can do the photography in situ (on location)
now because of new technology such as better cameras and lighting

No closing of your restaurant is required, or transporting of chefs,
cutlery and ingredients to a studio is necessary. Neither is expensive
and messy food styling required.

I believe in a holistic and natural approach without deceptive styling
or faking the dish so your customers get what they see. Nevertheless,
I will still give you tips on how to cook or garnish it better when

Research has shown that a menu with attractive pictures increases
sales by many folds. People who came to drink or accompany friends,
might also order food when they see delicious food pics.

I can also put you to good graphic artists for design, printing and
photo printing and enlargement services, With more than two decades of
shooting experience,I am confident I can tackle any food and make it
look good. See samples in the gallery album. I have yet to add
descriptions for each featured dish and it will take a while. I
uploaded an entire album. Warning: don’t look at it when you are

Even if you don’t own or manage a restaurant, please introduce me to
friends who do. Can also be a friend intending to publish a cook or
recipe book. Thank you for your support.

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