You Can Feast At Home

Try home delivery. The industry has come a long way when we once only had a single pizza delivery company as an option. Many of the services now provide chef cooked meals or homecooked meals as part of the incredible variety to choose from.

Now we can have home delivery of health or fitness food. vegetarian and other specialised taste requirements.

Some are “middle men” buying on your behalf. It works and widens the options. Being a user myself, I have compiled the suppliers in one place for your convenience, Ironically,, some of the online services are closed for a week too because of CNY.

With KL’s chronic traffic jams and difficulties in hiring good, reliable and loyal dispatchers, it is awesome that there are so many trying to mount a delivery service and still survive.

I hate the obsession to use apps. Nothing beats an accessible human voice behind a service and great when you can easily customise by requesting:”kurang manis” or “kurang pedas” when ordering. Phone numbers are provided where available. Keep this resource handy for those home alone hungry moments.

The list is not exhaustive;so let me know if you have a favourite service that I may have missed out. I have a selfish interest in keeping the services well known and publicised. Many of the brave ventures will ultimately close down without adequate support. Then we are back to ordering pizzas and garlic bread. Bon appetite.

Link to list of home food delivery services:

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Volunteers Needed

In the short few hours, we covered the Ernest Zacharevic art installation, the Stylo barber shop, Guandi Temple and much more. We were lucky the sun was intense and the sky was a deep blue from early morning.

Curiously, Paul is not as interested in photography or heritage stuff as much as me. He is extremely patient, tolerant and is willing to go the extra mile without much complaints.

If you feel you are similarly blessed but is not a reclusive hermit, is reasonably dependble and reliable… You stay in the Klang Valley, own and drive your own car, like trying out new food and exploring new places, you may want to volunteer as my assistant and adventure companion and driver partner. Can be a female or male and be of any race or religion.

You will learn some extra things about photography for sure, gain valuable travel insights and discover life. Contact me via PM or e-mail me at and we will take it from there. No promises. It depends on the chemistry and your attitude, usually.

Picture of new kite arch at Central Market’s walkway. Some old or hertage buildings are conserved Singapore style where only the shell or facade is retained.

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the blue sky.

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Rage Against The Machine 2

Half lit was a challenge for both the camera and me. See how ridiculously close the cars were parked.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f8, 1/400 sec

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Smoky Inside – The Guandi Temple In KL Chinatown

The Guan Di Temple (关帝庙) in Chinatown KL is a must stop for many Taoist devotees during Chinese New Year. It is also an annual pilgrimage for me as a photographer. It offers many wonderful subjects for the camera. The temple was built in 1888.

My post yesterday entitled “Those Halcyon Days (Blue Skies And Candlelight) was from this temple.

After acquiring so many shots from inside over the years, I decided to try one from outside this morning. Love the blueish, smoky interior chamber as seen through the main doorway. The smoke is from the burning joss sticks, joss papers, candles and incense spirals fired up by worshipers.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f10, 1/200 sec

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Rage Against The Machine

Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic, who is well known for his wall murals and 3D installations in Penang, is credited with this weird 3D inatallation in Chinatown KL entitled Rage Against The Machine. I said weird because some of the painted children look like ‘Matsallehs’ (or Caucasians).

Although I have read about it previously, I was lucky to stumble upon the self-commissioned artwork by chance today. I had no idea of its exact location before this.

Another weird thing is the choice of location as it is at a private car park. Cars were parked in front of the cutout yellow school bus making photography and appreciation difficult.

The brilliant light or weather this morning made the rough texture of the brick wall stand out and it contrasted nicely with the blue pinafore uniforms worn by our schoolgirls. I would never think about vandalisng the school bus that transported me though. Am I weird?

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f11, 1/1600 sec

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