Budget Hotels In Singapore

Received a spate of bookings for Singapore hotels recently. Looking at prices, they have become very costly for us Malaysians. Historically, Singapore’s and Malaysia’s currency started off on par. With current exchange rates, hotels in Singapore are no longer affordable to the average Malaysian. Old time favourites with Malaysian visitors such as the YMCA is now about RM 460 and the RELC is RM 350 a night.

I am making this list of hotels under RM 250 a night. Prices may change and some offers may no longer be available in future. Please check rates and always book early. Although Singapore has many hotels, rooms can be impossible to find when there is a big show or event in town. The list may be useful for those going for a rock concert or a trade exhibition. You must know where to look. Some can still be had for as low as RM 43. Look for hostels as capsule and pod accommodation are more expensive in Singapore.

Or you may be one of many Indonesians or Thais gong there for weekend shopping. Even if you are a Singaporean, bookmark this list as eventually someone will ask you: Where to find cheap hotels?


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