Gong Yoo’s Hotel Room in Taiwan Costs 20 Million Won?

Mandarin Oriental Taipei Taiwan.

“Gong Yoo’s Hotel Room in Taiwan Costs 20 Million Won?” as reported by Castko via Mycen Hotel’s Hotels In The News

The South Korean mega-heart-throb and megastar of zombie blockbuster Train To Busan reportedly paid 20 million South Korean won a night for a hotel room in Taipei? That is something like RM 74000 or USD 17600 approximate a night. He is big in Taiwan, with thousands of female fans screaming outside the hotel. But still?

There is possibly something wrong with the math or it is a non standard room since his entourage consists of 15 bodyguards, his parents, people to take care of his parents, make up artists and hair stylists.

Since he is so sweet and filial to bring his aging parents along and he supports a campaign to ban animal testing in the beauty industry, I will gladly help him get a normal room for just RM 1745 at the same hotel a night via MyCen Hotels. Price was last I checked.

Link to room at http://www.mycen.my/hotels-in-the-news-part-4/

Gong Yoo’s pic credited to Castko from their report at http://my.castko.com/archives/9152

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Planet Of The Apes On Top Of Malawati Hill

Planet Of The Apes On Top Of Malawati Hill.

It was like entering a strange world where monkeys rule. The zombie like guys standing upright on top of the cars added to the surreal and strange atmosphere. They were looking at the glittering Straits of Malacca and mangrove swamps below. Heartbreaking to see the young one hanging on tight to a soft toy while begging for food.

The endangered Silver Leaf (silvered langurs) and the old world long tail macaques co exist as separate colonies here. Many cheapskate humans feed the wildlife with junk food they grab from their kids feasting on the packets in the car.

There are hawkers selling organic food like chopped vegetables, fruits and nuts. Spend some money instead of throwing out unwanted food. I am afraid one of the monkeys may end up like the extremely obese Uncle Fatty in today’s MyCen News story. https://www.facebook.com/mycenews/

Buy from one of the kindly Indian uncles as he can tell you which are the less aggressive ones and not getting enough food. I saw him pulling an orange baby monkey out from under a parked car about to move.

It is a symbiotic relationship as the monkeys get food and draw tourist money for restaurants, hotels and businesses in Kuala Selangor. That keeps the town council from exterminating them.

Model was Carmen.

Stay at a hotel such as De Palma Inn , Sun Inns,  VI Boutique Hotel (and Sky Mirror) and others searchable in MyCen Hotels.

See: http://tvsmith.my/travel/around-kuala-selangor

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Hotel Puri Melaka

I stayed at Hotel Puri in Melaka twice. It is converted from an old shop house which was characteristically long and deep. Hotel Puri is one of several so-called heritage hotels in Melaka set in a restored Peranakan townhouse. It is a boutique hotel with beautiful antique fittings and modern conveniences in the room. There’s wi-fi and bedside power outlets to power or charge multiple devices. You’ll appreciate that when you need to charge two or three camera batteries sequentially, overnight. Many hotels, including new ones, still have the AC socket far from the bed.

Book Hotek Puri at a low price here.

What I really like is its location on ancient Heeren Street (renamed as Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock). Such a strategic take-off point for exploring the historical city by foot. Jonker Street is just behind. Other landmarks such as the as the nearly 400 year old Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and the 300 year old Kampung Kling Mosque (lower right pic) are nearby.

Across the street from Horel Puri is the vintage Chee Mansion, (upper right pic) a house belonging to tycoon and philanthropist Chee Swee Cheng, the first chairman of OCBC Bank, who built it in memory of his father.

Houses belonging to then wealthy Straits Chinese and Peranakan people incorporated Anglo-Indian, Straits eclectic and Malay architectural styles. This mansion featured a European-style watchtower above its roof.

During its time, properties were taxed according to width. As such, owners built deeper with some of the houses and townhouses stretched over 200 feet.

The lobby is photogenic too. Shown here photographed from the wooden corridor upstairs. (upper left pic)

Have buffet breakfast in the longish court yard and under the air well inside  Hotel Puri  (lower left pic)

Many people visit Malacca the UNESCO World Heritage City but don’t want to stay in a heritage hotel because they are also boutique hotels and are perceived as expensive. Many are but this one is relatively affordable when booked through MyCen Hotels

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Address: 118 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, (Heeren Street), Melaka City, 75200 Malacca

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Go Off The Beaten Track

In the boat ride to Angkor Wat complex, I was expecting to see the riverine communities with shanty houses on stilts and people fishing outside their homes. All of a sudden, this beautiful white mosque came into view, not long after we left Phnom Penh.

I think it a was at a Khmer Muslim village by the Cham people.

Further up river, I got to see the beautiful biodiversity of rare birds, fishes, amphibious animals and plants. To boot, I was traveling to the world’s greatest temple complex and the largest religious monument in the world, the Angkor Wat.

You will miss all these when you fly direct to Siem Reap as many weekend visitors do. Plan well. The unhealthy obsession with bucket lists is resulting in many people missing many significant and esoteric things, off the beaten path.

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