4 AM Date With Suraya

4 AM Date With Suraya

She: Psst. Wanna go to this Malay dating place?

Me: WTF? Now? Is almost 3 am! Wait. Do the bouncers even let in interracial couples? Lol.

She: Of course, lah. You have been featuring late night eating places on your IG, kan? Nanti, u complain I tak ajak…

Me: Yeah, but 3 am is early morning, not late night. And it can’t be dating. I suspect those customers sneaked out of their homes. Haha.

She: I’m starving. I ‘ll go alone but I’m scared.

Me: OK. Only if you come get me, and you pay.

She: Deal!

So we ended up in this strange place in Kampung Baru. Is called Suraya’s and they serve awesome Kelantanese food. True enough, the place was packed with couples.

Surprisingly, for a place this popular, the service crew is exceptionally patient, courteous and friendly. Quite unlike that previously crowded nasi lemak place nearby.

Anyway, I’m happy I get to eat blue Nasi Kerabu at 4am. On the way back, sentimental me asked if she still has Headwind’s Suraya in her car’s USB stick.

She: WTF, man?

More pics to follow.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 1000, f7.1, 1/60 sec.

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