A Little Piece Of Forgotten History

Memorial maring the landing of the 46th Indian Beach Group in Morib

A marker or stone was erected in 2015 to commemorate the 70th year anniversary of the landing of the British Indian Army. The landing of the 46th Indian Beach Group on 9 Sept 1945 took place here in Morib beach. The memorial stands silently in a shower of thorny conifer-like cones or seeds from the Casuarina or Rhu trees.

There were 42,651 personnel, 3,968 vehicles and 11,224 tons of stores, says this stone marker. Like many historical landmarks in Malaysia, little other information is provided on site, except to deepen the mystery, leaving the visitor grasping for more.

Current generation know so little about our shared military history with Britain, Australia and India. The Indians, including many Sikhs, came to our shores to help repel the invasion by the tanks of the invading Japanese Imperial Army. Many foreigners fought for us, defending our land and died gallantly in battle.

Am honoured to stand before this World War 2 memorial paying tribute to the many brave foreign soldiers who sacrificed their lives.

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