A Malaysian Valentine

Finally, a bi-gender, laxative-looking aphrodisiac to share

RAM Lasts Longer Than Roses.

Wow! I found a Valentine’s article written on my blog 12 years ago. Suanie T is till blogging, I think. The pub Skin’s place is no more.

by TV Smith

Suanie and I were sipping our 46th beer, blowing smoke rings and popping murukku into each other’s mouth when I suddenly turned slushy mushy.

In a bout of barley malt induced insanity, I asked her the risk-laden question: “What colour roses do you like?” She blew a heart-shaped smoke ring and whispered oh so sweetly, “I rather you buy me RAM…”

Prophetically enough, a Japanese company is now selling heart-embossed memory chips for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, she’s geeky and charming, (almost) always logical and practical but 512MB of DDR RAM still costs RM 500, unwrapped.

It got me thinking, are there Valentine’s gifts other than expensive flowers, dinners and computer parts?

Happy VD friends, bloggers and readers.

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