A Suggestion And Explanation

Links To Hotel Booking Page

A Suggestion And Explanation.

Many well meaning and kind people wanted to help me by booking rooms through me when they travel. I thank you and appreciate your support greatly. I sometimes get private messages from these good people who asked “What was the link to the hotel booking page again?” I understand it is not easy remembering unless you, scroll back on my posts.

I thought about it and I may have a simple solution for you.

Photoshop users will know making the graphic with text is a pain. Cari makan is not easy, I know.

1. If you messaged me on Facebook, it means you can also view my Facebook. On the profile info you can see my website or blog at www.tvsmith.my

2.Go to the link and you will see a link Book A Room on the top menu on every page there.

3. On the portal MyCen Maps (www.mycen.my) where the booking and hotel search page resides, you will also see a link “Book A Hotel Room” on the sidebar of every page there.

4. On my long standing portal Malaysia Central (mycen.com.my), you can also find a link on the front page or you can also find an Agoda search panel in the hotel category.

5. Finally, bookmark the page in question directly itself, for future use: http://www.mycen.my/agoda/

I don’t mind you asking me any question as it means potential revenue no matter how small. One person asked me a seeming audacious question. The person asked if he or she must use the provided link.

Scary but perfectly understandable as not many people understand the mechanics of commission tracking and the technical aspects at the back end of affiliate marketing. It may be an easy process and it is transparent to the user for a good reason.

I am like an introducer who will get a commission for a deal closed. Agoda wont know I was the referral unless you used the correct link which has my affiliate account number properly referenced.

It is therefore essential you use the correct link, so I get my commission. The commission will not affect your rate as it is absorbed by Agoda and the hotels. Remember also you can use it from anywhere in the world and book a room at anywhere in the world.

Thank you for understanding and support.

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