A Valentine Day’s Gift

A Valentine Day's Gift

While not intentional, it was a pleasant Valentines Day’s gift for me and my cats, since it arrived today.

She is not only generous but, at my request, helpfully screenshot part of the purchase process to keep me in the loop. It will help me understand the process and to troubleshoot should other new donors have questions. So far it seemed simple and dependable, if you use a Malaysian issued credit or debit card.

Overall, Tesco portrayed a positive image in my limited dealings with them. From executive Jidz Mohamed to the truck driver or delivery guy. They adopt a “can do, will do” attitude. The delivery man called me for directions and I whatsapp him a map. He was willing to cart the tray into the house at my request. Well done Tesco for hiring and training staff with the right attitude. I am sure the invisible backend operation is complex in getting the orders properly sorted for shipping, The front end (Rino) was courteous, friendly and punctual. That bodes well for the nascent service.

1. Picture of Tesco delivery truck that was once done by the local grocery shop with a basket on the back of a bike.

2. Picture of one of my cats Naughty Nuri checking out the gifts. Unfortunately, only one bag came with a free collar. So I will give it to her.

3. Picture of sweet Lewyee Ng from her Facebook page.

4, The Tesco Man always smiles and rings twice.

I made a plea a few days ago under a post named There Is Hope (http://tvsmith.my/eclectic/there-hope). Future donors, please include a bag of cat litter or clumping sand, if you can. They are too heavy for me to purchase myself even, with a friend’s help. Links in the original FB post. Remember to PM or email (tvsmith at gmail.com) me for delivery address, phone number and delivery time slots. Thanks,

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