Ais Jagung

Ais Jagung at Mak Tim

One of Mak Tim’s signature drinks is this Ais Jagung or iced corn drink. According to Elizabeth Chong, who ordered the famous concoction created by Warong Mak Tim, the drink had corn, evaporated milk and aromatic Gula Melaka (brown palm sugar syrup) in one layer and was topped up with a layer of blended or finely shaven or frothy soft ice.

The maize (jagung) is most likely canned sweet corn as those used in ABC drinks, I think. One regular reader in IG said she was hankering for the drink after finding out about the shop’s new location. Must be good.

I can’t remember the price and hope Mak Tim’s daughter Dalilah Ibrahim can comment. Update: She commented it is only RM 3.50 a mug.

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