Back At 168 And Sungai Wang

168 Noddles

Back At 168 And Sungai Wang.

I was back in Sungai Wang Plaza for the second straight day in a row. I fell asleep on my glasses and broke it. FML. Johnny Ong was nice to drive me there today and the optician boss, Michael, was in a good mood and he replaced the pair without charges, even though it was my own carelessness.

The shop is Eyewear and you may want to search for my recent post entitled “Love At First Sight”. Bear in mind, you may not enjoy the same kind of liberal warranty, though.

This is the blog version of that post and the address is also given in it:

Was also happy Johnny got himself a new pair after eye examinations today and saved himself a bundle. Since Johnny likes traditional Chinese food, I suggested we go eat at Restaurant 168 as Pudu was nearby.

Johnny was excited hearing it, as he remembered me going there with mutual friend Anna Har the last time. We wanted to try the signature curry mee but to our big disappointment, it was already sold out at 2 pm.

Earlier blog post about Restaurant 168. Also on FB and IG:

I asked for regular yellow noodles and kuey tiow “kon low” (dry mix) instead of wontan noodles and as before, it came with awesome wan tans and a sui kow. The sui kows were so good we ordered an additional standalone bowl. All washed down with Calamansi Juice With Sour Plums.

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