Eat Shit

Eat Shit.

5 billion flies can’t be wrong.

There must be a reason why we depend on Lithuanian and other foreign artists for our wall murals and street art. Local graffiti artists are either too basic or too brutally honest.

Saw this on a random walkabout in inner JB.

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Somewhere I Belong

I am like a newspaper. When something major happens, I tell myself. Wait a minute, I have some pictures of Linkin Park somewhere. Problem is finding them from my blogs.

It was October 2003, Stadium Merdeka. I saw the concert with first time concert goer Florence Wan. Maybe she can remember the setlist?

I wrote:
“Last night’s Linkin Park concert was closely watched by a man in a serban and another in a bow-tie. The rap-rockers, the concert-goers and their minders behaved as the strict rules dictated. Nevertheless, Linkin Park rocked the stadium and even chanted ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ to the delight of the energetic, multi-racial crowd. Some opponents of the concert may not have realised that some half a century ago, at the very same venue, modern Malaysia was born. Our founding forefathers, gathered there, intended a place for every one under the colourful Malaysian sun. Somewhere we belong”

Bow tie man was the then Tourism Minister and the man in serban was part of PAS energetic protesters and that was 14 years ago. Three years later in 2006, I saw them again at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Indoor Arena, They were not the headliners. I met Sharon Lam there.

I like Mike Shinoda’s wasteland rapping in In The End:
I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

Kicking The Bucket At A Bucket List Destination

I remember being hit by a blast of hot air from a MIG 29 Smoky Bandit fighter jet on the tarmac of the Langkawi Airport during one of the LIMA air shows. St Maarten Carribean used to be a bucketlist destination for me. It is part of the Netherlands. Book a hotel there by searching for Sint Maarten in MyCen Hotels.

The modern day term bucket list is a list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime or before dying. You can also call it a bragging list for social media.

According to Phrase Finder, it originates from the notion that people hanged themselves by standing on a bucket with a noose around their neck and then kicking the bucket away.

via MyCen News and MyCen Hotels on Fb

News report: “New Zealand woman dies after jet blast at world’s
‘scariest’ airport”

Pic of Airbus A330 of Air Caraïbes at Princess Juliana Airport at Maho Beach, Dutch side of Saint Martin island by Timo Breidenstein via

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A Feel Good Story

Many government departments are making improvements quietly to improve customer service and more. Often and ironically, we do not see it until we compare it with private companies for which they were benchmarked against. Deteriorating quality is creeping up on privately owned telcos, banks, subscription TV and insurance companies, for example.

Notable on the opposite spectrum are customer service improvements and increased efficiency in work processes of certain government owned entities. Some, not all. Leapfroggers are hospitals, police stations, immigration and transport departments which were previously well known for their tardy service and long queues,

I was at the 147 years old KL General Hospital (HBKL,GHKL or HKL) this morning. Not only are the nurses friendlier, but they all seemed genuinely happy and went out of the way to help patients. Even the doctors came out of their consultation rooms to look for patients. Guess what? They even have a Drive Through Pharmacy now

We don’t always need privatization to fix things. We need a change of attitude and guts to identify weaknesses and to find better ways of doing the same things.The area shown on this pic is a wheelchair parking area though the markings on the floor are a little faded, The nurse standing there was like a mobile help counter, aiding and guiding patients who were confused or lost.

She also chatted with solo patients. Seeing her smile made me smile. After all, we go to hospitals to feel better and a few uplifting moments do no harm. The improvement in productivity and efficiency mean the waiting area was virtually empty by 11 am. So what are are private sector corporations good at? Producing feel good PSA videos during festivals lah.

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Don’t Be A Chicken On Social Media

I mentioned a pet peeve of mine on social media earlier. It is perplexing to see people posting landscape and travel pics without a description of its location or nary a caption. Not only is it a result of “kiasuism” or afraid to lose attitude but they could be agents of telcos out to increase bandwidth consumption.

The culprits seem to want increased comment count because they know their followers will ask “where lah?” repeatedly, Though, I think the best comment ought to be Flower Bridge in Cantonese (Far Kiu).

Look: no matter how beautiful was your sunset beach pic, somebody will do better. Maybe some people are secretive because they went somewhere without their spouse or partner’s knowledge. or there could be another reason. Tell me, habitual kiasuians: How hard is it to type Morib or Malibu Beach? I’ll understand if it is to protect an unspoilt. remote and pristine nature attraction. I also understand your haste to post.

Even more frustrating are people who post food pics and provide no info as to the dish or the name of a restaurant or eatery. I asked a girl once why she concealed the name of a restaurant. She gave me the most absurd but honest reply.

She said she doesn’t want to make the restaurant more popular or it won’t be her own little secret and by popularising it. it may make the place non exclusive to her anymore. What a selfish reason as many small traders don’t have a budget to advertise and depend on word of mouth.

Be sociable on social media or get off it. Share if you agree.

Pic of free range chickens in lovely kampung house at the lonely road from Kerling town to Lembah Beringin, How many chickens do you see?

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