Learning Human Reproduction In Vietnam

I took a random tricycle bike tour of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City at one time. At one street, I saw the strangest sight. I asked my cyclo (trishaw) driver who are all these people sitting by the roadside, all with a single, shiny VCD disc at their feet?

Selling “Human Reproduction Videos”, he explained, perhaps embarrassed.

I told him we buy human reproduction videos at night markets back home. They have catalogs. Also we are more practical, we just call them blue or sum kap, I mumbled to myself, not sure if he can hear me through the traffic din.

Boss, can we pull over and see if they have classic human reproduction titles like Debbie Does Dallas, Deep Throat, Devil In Miss Jones, Buttman’s European Vacation and those movie parodies like Saving Ryan’s Privates, Pulp Friction, Good Will Humping and Tiger’s Wood? They were all VHS titles and are collector’s items now. Cyclo man: VHS?! Your country not very advance(d).

Technology allows newer discs to leapfrogged old technology such as VHS and Betamax tapes from an era when women will claim the “story” in adult titles is essential. The practical guys just want to fast forward to the action.

Similarly, many developing countries such as some in Indo China never experienced land lines as mobile or wireless networks leap frogged connectivity without the massive cost and time needed to wire a nation.

My budget hotel in Saigon had a desk with a PC and LCD monitor setup in ever room. They were more advanced. So much trouble just to get free wi-fi in any hotel those days.

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Finding Jarnail Singh In Perth

Finding Jarnail Singh In Perth

Searching for an old long lost friend is incredibly frustrating. A million similar names turned up. It’s a jungle out there. Finally found an unexpected break but may NEED YOUR HELP.

Anybody with a Linkin account? I dont have a Linkin account and I dont understand how it works. I was searching for an old college mate who migrated to Australia. Searched on Google and found him on Linkin. Saw his picture and he has aged as all humans do. But I can recognise him. There are some clues in his resume that suggest he might be the same person.

Last I met Jarnail Singh was when he was known as George and was a hotel management student in Chur, Switzerland in the 1980s. During our last online contact he told me he switched career to become a server admin and migrated to Australia. Before G-mail, every precious mail on Outlook was lost. Sadly

If you have a Linkin account maybe you can message him? All I need you to do, is for you to contact him and asked if he was from Ipoh and studied in Switzerland and was George then.

As I recall, he was a bit sensitive about his childhood name after settling in Australia and disowned it. Maybe is a “born again Sikh” thing? Nobody knows him by George anymore, he told me by our last email. Then, please tell him politely that his old freind TV Smith in KL is longing to contact him. Please contact me at tvsmith@gmail.com or by Facebook, if he has one. I am excited by the development and prospect. Thank you so much to anyone helping.

The Linkin link is https://au.linkedin.com/in/jarnail-singh-9bb8ab70

Update: Kind friends, please update me if you made contact so he doesn’t get spammed repeatedly. Rian Maelzer. I now you are proficient with finding people through Linkin. Maybe you can help or guide me?

1st picture is of me and George drinking in Switzerland.

2nd pic. Crazy George calling home to Ipoh in winter and was in a sarong after we drove to Austria looking for drinks after midnight.

3rd pic is his current profile pic in Linkin.

George, George, George of the jungle
Lives a life that’s free
Watch out for that tree!

With A Little Help From My Friends

With A Little Help From My Friends.

These are some of the hotels near and far booked by traveling friends. Not to brag but to remind other friends that the page can handle any hotel in any city. These are from of the people who voluntarily let me know that they supported me but I can’t name names to preserve their privacy. Some bookings were done anonymously and I can only thank those unknown, anonymous kind strangers in general. Appreciate it, all the same.

It is always heartbreaking when someone respond by saying they just booked rooms at so and so place moments earlier but will remember me the next time. Well this serves as a reminder for those who are planning to reserve rooms online. I need to reach the critical mass before it can help me pay bills. every little bit counts. Not there yet but with a little help from my friends, hopefully it can. Have a good trip ahead, all traveling friends.

In no particular sequence or order:

1. Best Western Chinatown Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar.
2. Holiday Inn Sukhumvit Bangkok, Thailand.
3. Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam.
4. Nhat Li Hotel, Da Nang, Vietnam.
5. Jinjiang Inn Shanghai, China.
6. 7 Days Premium Guangzhou, China.
7. V Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
8. Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Pictures from Agoda.

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People Were Shit Poor

When my friend Jacy Ong posted a meme that said “You Never Appreciate What You Have Till It’s Gone” – “Toilet Paper Is A Good Example” I posted a reply suggesting she rub her butt against the wall tiles. Or get a hungry dog to lick her ass clean. Jacy took it quite well and said she believed those were the days.

The rubbing part may explain why we always see brownish stains on our public toilet walls. Haha. Water is not always available. May be gross, but the dog part may not be as facetious or ludicrous as you might think.

My late grandmother told me people in poverty stricken villages in China will summon the pet dog to clean up after doing their business. The hungry dog will do its duty happily as it was also a compete meal. Nutritious meal, I suppose. :-p

Water was also a luxury as it needed fetching from deep wells. People were that poor, lest we forget and buy ridiculous stuff like scented toilet paper today. Always good to have a magazine or newspaper rack in your toilet for emergencies. Be aware that normal paper will clog your plumbing. Don’t deploy your dog as they might lick your face or mouth with gratitude after cleaning your ass. And don’t get me started on how the poor villagers may have dealt with those menstruation sniffing dogs.

#historylessons #shityounot

Picture of Mutt Rempit photographed in Sekinchan.

Warung Mak Tim

To the many people planning to go to Warong Mak Tim for the first time, after reading my posts, here is a view of Warong Mak Tim from outside, for you.

It may be best to look for the road facing it; which is Jalan AU 1A/2F. Google Maps is a bit lacking here. Waze is better.

Also note the sign says business hours are from 11 morning to probably 10 at night. The time was blanked out or painted over, possibly due to changes. Hopefully, Mak Tim’s daughter Dalilah can comment/update us again.

All posts related to Mak Tim are linked here.

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