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Tanjung Sepat - A Day Trip Destination

A day trip destination like the fishing village of Tanjung Sepat benefited from the then Facebook boom, I hypothesised.

Many Facebook users do not or can’t write or produce original content. Which was why sharing became popular. It may be second nature for us old bloggers and we forget not everyone are as prolific.

So a picturesque venue like Tanjung Sepat provided the backgrounds for selfies. Selfies are quick, easy and valuable content that let people post on competitive social media. Malacca, Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor and KKB are some of the towns that benefited as day trip destinations too. Domestic tourism wins with selfie tourism.

This was photographed at the jetty next to the Gano mushroom farm. On my trip there yesterday, I noticed the wooden seaside pier is now gone.

Unfortunately, town planners possibly do not appreciate or recognise rustic things. The charming wooden quay is now being demolished and replaced by a long modern concrete jetty.

The town did boom over the years with a proliferation of seafood restaurants. Visitors like to see fishing boats and nets, not just eateries.

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