Curry Rice From Cendol Bakar

Curry Rice From Cendol Bakar

Stole a shot while peeping. Not sure if it was nasi lemak (santan rice) or plain white rice on the banana leaf base but it looked really delicious and tempting. They sell rojak and other mouth-watering Malay dishes too.

Silly me thought the name came about because the owner’s name is Bakar. I found out it was literal as it meant “burnt”. The palm sugar for the cendol is burnt or caramelised, so hence the name.

The idea of a unique cendol drive thru is working out well as it is very popular with passing motorists. A mak cik (auntie) behind the drive thru counter was friendly and efficient.

Lot 1195-1196, Batu 1, Kampung Assam Jawa, Jalan Bukit Rotan, Kuala Selangor.

Coming from KL via LATAR Expressway, you may miss it you turned earlier for the fireflies park via Jalan Kelab.

Map and directions to Cendol Bakar in Kuala Selangor:

Panasonic LX-5, ISO 80, f2.8, 1/125 sec.

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