Fixing An Old House – Using Photoshop

Fixing An Old House - Using Photoshop

Many people I know stayed with their pirated installation of Photoshop when the new cloud version became available and when it required monthly payment. I understand that but there are updates and new functionality you may have missed out.

I won’t discuss the pros and cons of the new business model but like to point out that there are some useful features that will make life easier.

1. I saw a very old wooden house in Jejarom town. Original unprocessed image in 1.

2. The first thing to do was to do a quick perspective and distortion correction to straighten and level the building since I was using a wide angle lens in 2. The result is black borders on the bottom and lower sides that may have required copping previously. I also recovered the blue sky on that flat weather day. There are some water droplets on the lens and they can be easily removed or cleaned up too, if needed.

3. Finally in 3, I needed to remove the ill fitting or out of place modern satellite dish and the lamp post. The car was removed too. It took less than 10 seconds each to remove each element. Send me your pic if you have difficulty fixing or removing unwanted elements.

Whether you like it or not, post processing knowledge is an important part of a photographer’s skills. If there is enough interest, I may conduct a practical course at a local hotel. Let me know.

Panasonc Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f10, 1/200 sec.

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