Golden Sands Of Desaru

Golden Sands Of Desaru

I first went to Desaru on a leisurely, unplanned roadtrip, maybe 20 years ago, with Ken Chia and a bunch of other friends. We went via Kota Tinggi waterfall and I remember Desaru as very deserted. Desolation is a rare charm nowadays, though.

It is still relatively quiet and lonely. I like it this time on this second trip with Sharon. It was quite idyllic and beautiful. Desaru is near the southern tip of the peninsular facing the former South China Sea.

The shadows of the palm trees and casuarina trees were like paintings on the golden sands and it was tricky capturing it. We were standing on a ledge and needed to keep our own shadows out of the way. The beach was surprisingly litter free for a weekend getaway destination.

Olympus OM-D ISO 200, f10, 1/500 sec.

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