Layang Layang Makan Makan

Layang Layang Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant

Every time I post a local food dish, some of my North American friends would react by saying they wish they can try it sometimes, Through my America based Malaysian friend Calene Chew (on FB) I found out there is a good Malaysian makan place named Layang Layang Malaysian Cuisine (translated as kites in Malay). It is in Milpitas, California, a city between San Jose and San Francisco. There are many other Malaysian restaurants in California, of course, but this one is recommended and tested by Calene, originally a Penangnite with demanding taste-buds,

They have Malaysian favourites like Prawn Mee, Assam Laksa, Ipoh Fish ball noodles, wonton mee, mee goreng, nasi lemak, mutabak, satay. ikan bakar. nasi goreng, cendol, ABC and Bo Bo Cha Cha and teh ais, among others. Yes, Americans. You have Latin cha cha, we have bo bo cha cha.

There is also an outlet in San Jose. You might also be a Malaysian or Singaporean craving or missing home food. I have eaten at many Malaysian restaurants all over the world and the thing that irks me most is a native of the country walking from table to table to see what Asian customers are eating and then interrupt by saying: “That looks good. Waiter, can I have one of the same, please. Whatever this is?” Happens a lot in UK, especially. Please stop doing this. It is very rude. RTFM! – Read the fucking menu.

Layang Layang Malaysian Cuisine locations:

San Jose, California
1480 South De Anza Blvd
San Jose, CA 95129
Tel. 408 . 777 . 8897

Milpitas, California
181 W. Calaveras Blvd
Mipitas, CA 95035
Tel: 408 . 263 . 6788

Piictures from Layang Layang website at

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