Lembah Beringin – Part 1

.Lembah Beringin - Part 1

Shattered Dreams.

I can still remember my friend Leonard Tan singing the television and radio jingle ‘What A Wonderful World’ in a faux gravelly Louis Armstrong voice. That was in the 90s when the township was heavily promoted. Today the township is filled with moldy, empty houses under skies of blue and clouds of white.

Many parts are like a ghost town and some people even called it a Chernobyl. It is a disaster for the buyers stuck with homes that are now not only in limbo but in ruins.

I will try to discuss its failure as I explore and examine the township deeper for this new photo essay series. Only problem was; there were so few people living there who I can talk to. For many of the early, hopeful buyers and investors, it turned out to be shattered dreams as they are now saddled with properties they find difficult to sell or rent out.

The only positive for me, if compared to Bukit Beruntung, was there were NO heartbreaking sightings of abandoned dogs and puppies living alone here.

Shattered glass window as seen from the inside of the abandoned guard post leading to the golf club. Coincidentally, Shattered Dreams was a hit for Johnny Hates Jazz in the 90s.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f11, 1/200 sec.

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