Memories Of Busy Hong Kong

Memories Of Busy Hong Kong

Memories Of Busy Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, we went to a McDonald’s because we had Malay media crew members from Bernama and NTV 7 with us. One of the guys wanted to eat fillet o fish which was a safer bet than many porky places around Hong Kong.

I believe it is much easier finding halal restaurants in Hong Kong these days. Anyway, I was chomping on a burger and a Hong Konger or Hong Kie seated opposite me kept looking at me or the bottom of my seat.

I looked carefully on the floor and realized my comb fell out from my pocket. After dinner, I walked to the harbour area and was scouting for a good angle to shoot the dusk skyline. A man on a park chair started staring at me again. Shit! I instinctively checked to see if I have dropped something. True enough, I dropped a piece of paper that was my printed itinerary.

WTF? At least we Malaysians are more civic minded and helpful. In Malaysia, someone will quickly call out unless you dropped money. Haha. What’s wrong with helping a stranger in Hong Kong? Maybe people are always in a hurry or too busy. I hate to think what happens when your fly is open in public in Hong Kong. Haha.

Will have to tag you again Sam Chan and Hong Kongress Fanny Chan. What is the name of the busy thoroughfare in the pic again?

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