No Hard Evidence

Smoky Contry Road and open burning

I remember when menthol cigarettes were introduced in Malaysia, a curious urban legend soon emerged claiming menthol ciggies will cause softening of erections or a flaccid cock. There was no empirical evidence or scientific evidence but every local guy believed in it.

The evidence were anecdotal at best and were probably from guys who drank too much at clubs. Excessive alcohol can cause ED too.

What was criminal was that the menthol cigarettes and long slim versions were targeted at women to recruit more female smokers by projecting a cool image or trendy perception. Strangely, there were no talk about it affecting a woman’s libido.

Whoever or whatever was the source of the fake news, it was a very effective deterrent for guys. No guy wanted to be seen with a green pack. Haha.

Losing a lung via cancer was less worrisome than losing a hard on.

Although many anti-smoking campaigns suggest smoking can lead to impotency, the point was never driven home. Maybe the medical evidence were not promoted hard enough.

A graphic picture of a limp or soft cock on cigarette packs would have worked better than a black diseased lung I think.

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