Opium For Nga Nga


Elizabeth Chong being the nice person and cat (and dog) lover she is, brought a calling gift to my house. She told my mom it is Meow’s Ah Phian in Hokkien; meaning cat’s opium. Haha.

In Chinese it is known as cat mint or catnip in English. It is really addictive like a drug to cats, it seems. When I was out, my cat Nga Nga raided the pouch, tore it and ate half of it. But then, he is a compulsive glue sniffer all along and has always been attracted to any glue smells such as adhesives on envelope flaps and stamps. He even licked a jar of Tiger Balm once.

Catnip is a plant, organic and herbal. I read that it can trigger hallucinations and cause cats to be high. Let’s see if Nga Nga makes drunk calls (drunk dialing) to his ex girlfriends at 3 am tonight as many of us intoxicated guys have done, at one time or another. 🙂

What do cat owners with experience think?

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