Singapore’s Urban Sketchers

Singapore's Urban Sketchers

Singapore’s Urban Sketchers

At Al Waldi Restaurant, I met a Singapore street sketcher. As she sketched the “putu piring” making kiosk and as I photographed it, we had a brief conversation. Just like in KL, there is now a growing community of street sketchers. It is a great way of documenting a cultural activity and heritage architectural subjects. They are also known as urban sketchers and its is usually done on location.

Only people I know into street sketching on my FB are Lim Chin Han, Victor Chin and perhaps Merilyn PL Ng. Let me know if you are one.

Anyone from the community can recognize this lady? I like to credit her and to connect with her to see more of her sketches. I should have sketched her name somewhere. I think I did and lost the coffee shop’s chope tissue.

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