La La Land Again

He correctly noted that the original image of Lala or clams fried with bee hoon or vermicelli from the Asus phone (on Facebook) could do with more DOF or depth of field. It was his polite and tactful way of saying it was not perfectly focused. Nice guy. 🙂

I looked at the image back home on a big screen and try to figure out what went wrong. We sat at a table at edge of the restaurant, where there was too much sun spilling in. While the free lighting was appreciated, it also meant one thing.

The Lala Fried Vermicelli’s image on the phone was glared out on the screen. It was near impossible to judge focus. Good thing, I took a shot with the GM-1. This GM-1 image had better depth as it was running with a smaller (deeper) aperture, plus the camera has an array of audio and visual focus confirmation.

It was still not ideal as the GM-1 has no viewfinder either, only LCD. I was using the 12 to 50 mm OM-D 5 kit lens and the lens is still crazy sharp considering the abuse it received. In comparison, the phone was running at f2 and was too shallow for its purpose.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 320, f6.3, 1/250 sec.

Restaurant Seafood New Hock Heng Huat Tanjung Sepat.

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Photographing The Chariot With A Phone

The Thaipusam chariot in front of the Campbell Police Station. The Asus phone has manual EV control, allowing me to rein in fhe overly bright chariot that would otherwise appear as a blob of light.

Asus ZenFone 3 image.

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Love Is Blue

One will never find it without modern day navigation aids such as Waze or Google Maps.

I ordered Nasi Kerabu or Kelantanese blue rice and a piece of fragrant spice marinated fried chicken thigh.

Had to be very alert and quick to stop the butcher wannabe at the kitchen from chopping and splintering the bones into a thousand pieces.

Kak Teh Nasi Kukus on Facebook

Asus ZenFone 3 image

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IOI City Mall, Putrajaya – Part 14

I went to the higher floor on IOI City Mall where all those so-called IT lifestyle stores are located. Wanted to get a SD card reader for my iPad 2. I had one but misplaced it. Went back to the ground floor for Apple Machines. The floor staff don’t seem to know their own stock situation and rummaged the rack helplessly, I told them specifically that is is for an older iPad 2, they dont listen and wasted time hunting down a device with a newer and incompatible lightning pod (for RM 133).

Went back to the second floor and spoke to the guy at the ASUS shop about something else. He suggested I get an OTG cable and recommended All IT Hypermart next door. I wasn’t hopeful as the staff there are usually clueless from experience with outlets elsewhere. A young Malay gentleman served me and surprisingly he knew what an OTG cable is. He also knew what I was talking about when I mention the ASUS is a USB type C port – different from a Samsung.

He brought one out to show me and I asked if I can try with a USB 3 card reader for which I will buy together, if it works. He agreed. I inserted the SD Card from my GM-1 camera and he showed me how to retrieve the selected files on the card and how to copy it to the gallery’s camera folder in the phone. Which means I can upload the file to email it to my iPad for editing. Product knowledge and willingness to demonstrate before purchase saved much frustrations, time and the possibility of a return trip.

I think it is the best accessory any field photographer can get as one can now upload pics from any camera, anywhere. The GM-1 has wifi connectivity but it is messy to set up and configure.

Nothing beats pulling out the card and downloading the files manually, like how one does on a desktop. RM39 for the OTG cable and RM59 for the compact Kingston USB SD card reader. Probably cheaper at Low Yat Plaza but important thing is; you are not buying blind. In one fell swoop, the young gentleman redeemed the tattered image of the retailer.

Panasonic GM-1, ISO 2000, f4.2, 1/320 sec.

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Kampung Hakka Mantin And Santa Factory Series – Self-Contemplation

We just came to the 10th picture in the Kampung Hakka series and it is time for some honest self-contemplation. While I am happy with the manual controls, quality and resolution of the Asus camera, will I attempt another extensive photo essay again with the phone camera alone?

The emphatic answer is No! It is more a workflow issue. To select the pics, I have to look at the thumbs in the gallery, I then expand the chosen pic to confirm clarity and sharpness. The shortlisted pic is sent by gmail to myself and retrieved on my PC. The process is too tedious, time consuming and tiresome. I know there are other methods. Don’t forget I also need to write the captions or story.

I’ll go with a real camera with a removable SD card such as my compact GM1 the next time. I can just pull out the card and slot it into a card reader. Now I have 600 pics in the phone I must look through again and delete later.

Asus Zenfone 3, ISO 50, f2 , 1/250 sec.

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