IOI City Mall, Putrajaya – Part 19

Wonder Of Wondermilk.

Wondermilk The Cupcake shop at IOI City Mall is enchanting even for adults. The corner shop caught my eye as it looked surreal and magical in design. it is a glass and wood encased, retro looking shop with an old fashioned wooden door.

I shot through the glass and let the camera’s auto focus fluctuate, clicking when it was nicely soft. That added to the enchanting, magical atmosphere created by the rows of hanging lights inside. Some unexpected things provide the photographer with the most fun.

Panasonic GM-1, ISO 400, f3.5, 1/60 sec.

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Lemon Has A Less Glamorous Cousin Called Lime

Was exploring the Ramadan bazaar at Peel Road Kuala Lumpur when I saw Blue Lime. I asked the girl why is it not Blue Lemon like in Slim River? Sasha explained that lemon sounds more glamorous than lime. “Tu nama glamer saje” and she laughs.

The KL version lean towards aquamarine while the glamorous Slim River version is Avatar (movie) phosphorous blue.

According to her, both are made from lime cordial with blue colouring added. She should know. She’s (coincidentally) from Slim River. I know. I travel home to KL to take a break from Slim River and I meet a Slim River person. Haha.

Photography Notes: Picture is graded for soft-colours or muted look similar to that I’m using for a project for a client from Thailand. You may have noticed that this ‘look’ is currently popular with Thai PSA videos.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, f4, 1/80 sec.

I Want To Know What Blue Lemon Is

In my life there’s been yellow and pink
I don’t know if I can face it again
Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far, to this Slim River town

I want to know what blue lemon is, I want you to show me
I want to feel what blue lemon is, I know you can show me

Blue Lemon is the most popular drink at the Slim River Ramadhan Bazaar but nobody gave me a straight answer. Finally at one stall, the lady said: “It’s just colouring”.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, f7.1, 1/320 sec.