Magnificent View Of The Main Range

This was the pic I used for Fraser’s Hill contributed by Sharon Teo. (

It is too beautiful to be buried and deserves to be a standalone post. One thing I used to like about Frasers were the many ferns growing wild there.

There was also a mini zoo there and I used to cry for the lonely baby elephant kept in it. Malaysia should ban all private and mini zoos as the animals almost always end up neglected and ill treated. Without the internet at that time, there was no one to complain to or nowhere to highlight her plight except the Malay Mail Hotline. Speak up and say you don’t want to see caged or chained animals.

Great job, Sharon and thank you for sharing the pic used here:

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Fraser’s Hill

I recently featured the highlands hill resort of Cameron Highlands as a destination for your family and kids for the upcoming school holidays. An alternative highlands vacation spot is the nearer Fraser’s Hill.

I have been getting conflicting information about the one way traffic system going uphill or down hill based on alternate hours. It was implemented during the colonial days because the road was too narrow and winding. Recently, an old road going down hill was opened up again, making it two way using two separate roads. This was confirmed by Donald GH Tan, a friend, regular bird watcher and nature lover who used to go uphill.

I was kind of sad to hear about the changes as the one way road and waiting system brought back cherished memories as a child. Arriving at the foothill with the wrong timing meant waiting at The Gap and listening to the exciting and lush jungle sounds. It was something special.

The Gap Rest House is now abandoned and derelict according to Donald. There are still many bungalows and chalets on the hill, many with Tudor style design and charming colonial era designs. Some are abandoned as the Hainanese caretakers grew old and retired. Take your family there before more changes affect the forgotten hill resort.

Surprised that two of the resorts, I stayed as a kid, are still there: Puncak Inn and Merlin (now Shahzan Inn Fraser’s Hill).
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Picture of a colonial day bungalow by my friend Sharon Teo (

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