Yangon Was Rangoon

Another helping friend booked a Myanmar hotel through me. The friend is a fairly experienced traveler to Myanmar and he picked the The RGN City Lodge, Downtown Yangon this time.

The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Yangon, close to a major thoroughfare but fronts a much quieter street in a commercial district. Although there is old school rattan furniture in the room, the bathrooms have modern rain showers! I like rain showers.

What do you think of the location Myanmar friend Hsu Wai Phyo and Malaysian expatriate living in Yangon, Joachim Rajaram?

Rooms in Myanmar have been getting relatively expensive because of shortages and a surge in business visitors after Myanmar opened up. I am surprised the room is sub RM 200, given its location. Maybe there was a flash sale or promotional price at the time of booking.

We forget a similar hotel in the heart of KL city could probably cost more.

To book this hotel or to check rates at any hotel in any part of the world, go to http://www.mycen.my/agoda/


I spent a weird but wonderful Hari Raya with the Burmese Muslim community in KL. It started with me visiting my Rohingya friend Hameed for Eid.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t home when I went calling. His housemate suggested I take a walk in the neighborhood, and I should find him.

So off I went walking and ran into this old cock by the kerb. When I asked whose chicken is this, people became nervous, agitated, turned away or bolted. Strange, right?

Finally, one brave guy whispered from my back: What are you doing???

It turned out to be my friend Hameed. Haha.

Hameed: You are late. We gave your food to the cats.

Me: Is this your cock?

Hameed: No. This is a fighting cock.

Me: Cock fighting is illegal in this country, you do know?

Hameed: Why do you think that guy is cracking his knuckles?

Me: I noticed.

Hameed: I think this cock is retired. So chill, man.

Me: Ok. At least, you guys didn’t eat him.

Hameed: Maybe, we’ll eat only one of its drumsticks later.

Me: Wow. You are appreciative of the cockerel winning a few fights?

Since I am outnumbered, like 1000 to 1 here, I decided not to pursue the matter further.

Abruptly, Hameed said he has a championship game to go to. Before I finished saying the non-abbreviated WTF, he ran off. I followed him. More mind blowing stuff ahead.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 5000, f9, 1/400 sec.