Riccarton Capsule Hotel Kuala Lumpur

What do we know? Kuala Lumpur has a new capsule or pod hotel in the Tiitwangsa area known as the Riccarton Capsule Hotel.

It is in Wisma Q, opposite the McDonald’s Drive Thru in Jalan Pahang.

The lobby seems very spacious and nice. The pigeon holes in the lobby scared me at first. They can’t fit me or midgets, I thought. Turned out to be lockers cabinet for guests to store their shoes after exchanging for slippers and they are not capsules or pods. Lol.

Beside capsules, the budget hotel has regular rooms with double beds too (at a higher rate than pods, of course).

Book or view more of this new, clean budget hotel here

*Pics: External view by me and rooms by hotel’s website and agoda