It’s A Hokkien Thing

When my mom is lazy, she cooks Tua Chye Perng or Chinese green mustards rice. 大菜饭 The same vege 大菜 is used to make pickled kiam chye or salted vegetable. It was a recipe handed to her by her mother or my late grandmother. It was humble food popular with the poor people of Fujian, China. It is a cost saving meal as no separate dishes are required.

It is similar to yam, pumpkin, long bean, carrots, mushroom, potato and cabbage rice. Collectively, they are known as “kiam perng” or salty / savoury rice. 咸饭Some call it Chinese Rice Casserole when meat such as boneless chicken and sausage are used.

I used to hate tua chye when I was a kid. The mustards smelled terrible when it was cooked. Now it seems worse, I always panic thinking I smelled a whiff of leaking cooking gas. To make it more palatable, pre cooked heh bee or tiny dried shrimps, pork and sauces are added before going into the rice cooker.

Although I still dislike it, I eat it because I respect tradition and think fondly of my late granny.

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Hit Me

I used this pic to accompany the Air Asia flying to Guangzhou story on Instagram. Felt that I should share it here too as it is a rare experience and view.

Sometimes, on an inaugural landing, the airport fire fighting truck is hired to spray a jet of water on the fuselage as a salute and welcome gesture. The AirAsia aircraft I sat in was painted in ASEAN Day livery. Good thing I clicked before the water cannon jet hit the window as it blurred out everything. It was surreal. unusual and an unexpected photography opportunity.

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Tourists From China At The National Palace

Tourists From China At The National Palace.

The palace is probably closed today for the installation ceremony of the new King. It is a public holiday here. I went to the palace on a normal day and had so much fun mingling with busloads of tourists ftom China. I asked the Chinese tourist dressed in the Singapore Airlines uniform to pose in front of the mounted palace guard. You won’t believe what happened next. Haha.

She roped in her friend, also from China. Without any prompt or discussion, both girls lifted their hands in synchronicity like the cabaret showgirls of Paris and Las Vegas! The horse trotted forward as if on cue. There were multiple praises of “cōngmíng” (聪明) or intelligent and golf claps from the rest of crowd for the horse. Kudos to the palace horse and the sombre rider for understanding the importance of tourist pictures.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 640, f8, 1/1250 sec.

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