Cock Fighting

Those who received the greeting card featuring the rooster may be interested to know the circumstances or backstory. I was outside a kampung house in Ulu Slim, near the famous hot springs. I was enthralled by the sight of two cockerels play fighting almost non stop. Waited for the brief moment they took a break and captured the solitary pose of the rooster on right. Organised cock fighting is illegal in Malaysia.

Sony A7R, ISO 800, f4, 1/1600 sec.

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I spent a weird but wonderful Hari Raya with the Burmese Muslim community in KL. It started with me visiting my Rohingya friend Hameed for Eid.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t home when I went calling. His housemate suggested I take a walk in the neighborhood, and I should find him.

So off I went walking and ran into this old cock by the kerb. When I asked whose chicken is this, people became nervous, agitated, turned away or bolted. Strange, right?

Finally, one brave guy whispered from my back: What are you doing???

It turned out to be my friend Hameed. Haha.

Hameed: You are late. We gave your food to the cats.

Me: Is this your cock?

Hameed: No. This is a fighting cock.

Me: Cock fighting is illegal in this country, you do know?

Hameed: Why do you think that guy is cracking his knuckles?

Me: I noticed.

Hameed: I think this cock is retired. So chill, man.

Me: Ok. At least, you guys didn’t eat him.

Hameed: Maybe, we’ll eat only one of its drumsticks later.

Me: Wow. You are appreciative of the cockerel winning a few fights?

Since I am outnumbered, like 1000 to 1 here, I decided not to pursue the matter further.

Abruptly, Hameed said he has a championship game to go to. Before I finished saying the non-abbreviated WTF, he ran off. I followed him. More mind blowing stuff ahead.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 5000, f9, 1/400 sec.