A Rose By Any Other Name Would Taste As Sweet.

At Warong Mak Tim, I ordered a carbonised rose syrup (with soda) and shaved ice after finishing my first drink of Muar iced black coffee. The rose drink wasn’t fizzy enough, so I ordered another with regular ice cubes. Elizabeth thought I drink too much, when I had another drink (fruit juice) as after meal drink elsewhere. Heh.

The resident cat in the background can be seen in a standalone pic in Eli’s Fb.

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Ais Jagung

One of Mak Tim’s signature drinks is this Ais Jagung or iced corn drink. According to Elizabeth Chong, who ordered the famous concoction created by Warong Mak Tim, the drink had corn, evaporated milk and aromatic Gula Melaka (brown palm sugar syrup) in one layer and was topped up with a layer of blended or finely shaven or frothy soft ice.

The maize (jagung) is most likely canned sweet corn as those used in ABC drinks, I think. One regular reader in IG said she was hankering for the drink after finding out about the shop’s new location. Must be good.

I can’t remember the price and hope Mak Tim’s daughter Dalilah Ibrahim can comment. Update: She commented it is only RM 3.50 a mug.

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Calamansi Juice With Sour Plums

The refreshing drink or local Chinese cocktail at Chinese coffee shops is known as Kat Chye Shin Mui. It is yellow lime or Calamondin with preserved sour and salty plums. I found it a bit too salty and ordered another without the sugar and salt coated dried plums. There was only one solitary dried plum in the drink, anyway.

The preserved plums are usually imported from China are like a magic elixir for people who feel car sickness or suffer from motion sickness. I remember going up Cameron Highlands when I was a kid and every passenger in the bus was clinging to a packet of sour plums or were chewing it to combat the ill effects of the dizzying, winding roads.

I dont suffer from motion sickness normally, so I want to know if the effectiveness of the home remedy is true. Anyone?

The very nice Indonesian waitress at 168 Restaurant tried to discourage me from opting out of the plums as she claimed the drink wont be as tasty without the plums. The new drink came. It was still too salty. Maybe they add salt to the lime juice to contain the strong tangy taste, I suspect.

Chilled with plenty of ice cubes, it is a refreshing drink on a hot day with or without shin mui. In Malay restaurants the drink is known as asam boi with limau kasturi.

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A Taste Of Honey

A Taste Of Honey.

When I ordered a Longan Honey drink, Johnny like everyone else, was expecting a honey drink with canned longans floating in it. Just like his honey lemon drink with generous slices of fresh lemons, as shown in this pic.

I have been coming to this shop since its inception many years ago because of the fascinating taste and origin of longan honey. At some farms in Thailand where longan plants are cultivated, the longan flowers are pollinated and have its nectar collected by bees. As a result, the harvested honey contains the aroma and taste of longans. This was told to me by a previous proprietor. Bee Connection also sells raw honey in bottles, if you like the taste.

The title is inspired by the disco era group, A Taste Of Honey. They had the big funk hit Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Bee Connection is at the Food Court. LG5 Lower Ground Floor, Low Yat Plaza.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f4.5, 1/160 sec

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Honey Honey – A Look At Selective Focus Selection

Also an opportunity to discuss a little known post-production technique for photographers.

I was using a wide angle lens and too much background was in focus. What do I do? Many may not be aware but Photoshop has a select by focus function.

You can let it choose the focus area and then use Gaussian blur to defocus a zone. Only disadvantage is that a huge image such as the 36 MP image from the A7R can be back breaking for the PC.

Sometimes the auto selection if off target and you may need to trim the depth manually.

A slowed down processor can be frustrating as it is hard to fine tune, A smaller GM-1 image was manageable. A glass object is tricky for the algo and much time was spent cleaning up garbage matte leftover. Don’t do it when you are in a hurry. It is not yet a perfect solution for blurring backgrounds and it cannot be applied to all subjects. Use it sparingly.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 200, f6.3, 1/320 sec

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