Will The Real Me, Please Stand Up

I always thought it it was viral paranoia by people who will share any internet warning.

Today, I received a fake add friend request from my friend Melinda Song who is already a friend. Being suspicious, I wanted to message her husband Kenny Song to ask if she was hacked.

Before I can seek confirmation, she posted on her account saying her Fb was cloned identically. Her friends who accepted commented they received a message soon after asking for their phone number. Melinda posted some new pics which I dare not like not knowing if they are real.

It is all Facebook’s fault for they can easily detect clones and prevent the opening of such accounts. Like how Gmail will warn you that a mail was spoofed and may not be from the address claimed.

Should you be aware you are cloned, always report to Facebook so the fake accounts are shut and Facebook becomes aware of how widespread the issue is. By not reporting, you may be hurting innocent friends exposed to crooks.

There is no point warning people not to accept or declaring bravely you will never open a second account. Shit happens. Give people a means to contact you to verify outside Facebook.

Should you ever receive a second request from me, you can e-mail me at tvsmith@gmail.com to confirm, or reach me by Instagram @tvsmithmy or via Twitter @tvsmthmy
Or if you remember any mutual friends, contact them and they might know.

Or search for my website/blog at http://www.tvsmith.my/ or Google “tv smith malaysia”

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