Glastonbury And The English Countryside

Glastonbury And The English Countryside.

As I was saying, so much attention is focused on the Glastonbury Music Festival, few people know about the beautiful. peaceful rural English countryside of Somerset.
Many will go there in camper vans or pitch tents on the dedicated camping grounds.

There was a report saying first time goer VIP Johnny Depp will be pitching his own tent. No muddy grounds this year presumably since there is a heatwave in Britain now.
For confirmed artist lineup and playlist, see the official website of the Gastonbury Festival: Tickets are all sold out.

Glastonbury town has so many rustic cottages, Edwardian guesthouses and bed n breakfast places tucked in natural surroundings like lakes and gardens.

Here are a few lovely pics which I saw when looking at accommodation in Glastonbury town from booking dot com and agoda dot com. See year round hotel deals here:

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Glastonbury is a town and civil parish in Somerset, England. It is also the site of the annual Glastonbury Festival, a five-day festival of music and performing arts.

While many attendees camp out on site, some may find it problematic at the last minute and require hotel accommodation.

Glastonbury is a charming rural location with rustic cottages and Edwardian guesthouses, many; a short stroll from the concert venue. Check the location before booking. Many hotels are still available at the last minute at:

Pic: Techno music played as dawn breaks at Glastonbury Festival in the year 2000 By Pontificalibus (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Regent Street, London

Situated in the heart of London’s West End, Regent Street is one of the capital’s most famous thoroughfares. Home to more than 75 international flagship stores; Regent Street was described by Visit London dot com as London’s ultimate shopping and lifestyle destination.

This was another pic shared by Malaysian friend 陈雪玲 Shirlyn Tan who lives and works in London. Photographed by her when the street was dressed up for Christmas. I remember walking from here to Piccadilly Circus and loving the longish old curved buildings.

This pic by Shirlyn was featured in the hotel deals finder page for London at:

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London, The Malaysian Magnet.

London attracts Malaysians for Christmas shopping just like how Singapore and Orchard Road draw Malaysian shoppers. The number of Malaysians one can bump into in London is legendary and a running joke among the well heeled. The historical ties of the former Commonwealth colony lives on.

I am proud to have London pics supplied by a fellow Malaysian working in London. Pictures of Regent Street and Oxford Street during Christmas festive shopping captured by Malaysian friend Shirlyn Tan. One can see some traces of the the famous Oxford Street fake snow in the air in this pic.

Shirlyn noted it will be tough finding hotels as many in the area are either super 6 star or brothel type. For the purpose of this listing, I’ll let it cover the entire city, big as it is. You can refine the area by searching with the name of the area or street.

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My long time friend Dato’ Sri Andrew Abishegam, who was in London recently, sent these pictures when I was chatting with him on WhatsApp the other day. I think the first is Harrod’s of London with multiple contrails in the sky. Lovely pics and the two pics are copyright DS Andrew Abishegam.

The second picture is the Queen’s Windsor Castle, I am guessing. I have not been to London for so long, l don’t know where all the Malaysians like to stay these days. I can’t even remember the names of some of the nice hotels I stayed. I will add direct links to some of some of the hotels popular with Malaysian visitors when I find out.

Third pic is of me as a pigeon whisperer in my younger days.

I have created a special page for hotels in London. See updated page here:

Meanwhile, use the dynamic London-centric scrolling banner there or go to to search for another hotel anywhere in the world