SeaLion Firefly Concept Hotel Kuala Selangor

SeaLion Firefly Concept Hotel Kuala Selangor.

With Term 2 school holidays (for Malaysia) coming up, you may want to look at some domestic destinations to take your kids. I like Kuala Selangor, which has a good mix of cultural, food and nature attractions.

Fireflies come to mind but it can be ruined by the vagaries of weather and parents worrying about the risks of boat rides. You and your kids can now view flickering fireflies in the safety of your hotel room without life jackets.

Watch via unique projection system from the comfort of your bed at the SeaLion Firefly Concept Hotel in Kuala Selangor.

Curiously the shower and toilet cubicle is transparent glass, just like the Love Hotel in JB, I reviewed.

So choose your roommate wisely unless you like watching the other person pee, poo or shower with fireflies on his or her body. Nevertheless, there is a curtain and lock.

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SeaLion has another vacation hotel cum restaurant cum bicycle rental facilitate in Pulau Ketam.

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