There Is No Fire Without Smoke

Suddenly, there is news circulating about people’s car getting sabotaged when they stop at PLUS rest areas. It is an old story. A few years ago, it was quite rampant and was reported on forums.

One of the tricks deployed by the crooks was to release air or stub the valve and your tyre will go flat when you drive.

They can also puncture your radiator from under the car and your car will soon overheat. A mechanic or tow truck will show up when you stop. He was following you.

The crooks will offer to repair your car or tow it away. Should it be towed, it will be held at ransom or at their mercy. It happened to a friend of mine. When he told the “mechanic” he has no money at the breakdown spot, the guy even drove him to an ATM.

I think many of the reported cases happened on the north bound side between Malacca and Seremban and usually at night. People stop to eat or go loo.

One trick was to pour diesel on your tyres. When they get heated up after driving, heavy smoke will come from the tyres. The panicking driver will pull over, straight into the trap. To be safe, don’t leave your car unattended. If you are alone how? Pee into a can or plastic bag.

The First Tolled Highway In The Country

To tell the story of Federal Route 1, one must note the historical significance of this segment of the route.

Not many will remember, care or even know this. The first tolled highway wasn’t the North-South Expressway. It was this road between Tanjung Malim, Behrang and Slim River.

Built in 1966, the toll booths collected 50 sen from cars. The amount was a lot during its time and it was also perceived by many as mere widening and straightening of the existing Federal Route 1.

The Slim River Highway was indeed a very modest highway, especially when you are now comparing it with today’s 8-lane expressways. Still, in its time, it was an improvement over the nightmarish narrow and winding road that was crowded out by heavy vehicles.

Toll collection stopped in 1994 with the opening of the North-South Expressway.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 125, f13, 1/250 sec.