A Feel Good Story

Many government departments are making improvements quietly to improve customer service and more. Often and ironically, we do not see it until we compare it with private companies for which they were benchmarked against. Deteriorating quality is creeping up on privately owned telcos, banks, subscription TV and insurance companies, for example.

Notable on the opposite spectrum are customer service improvements and increased efficiency in work processes of certain government owned entities. Some, not all. Leapfroggers are hospitals, police stations, immigration and transport departments which were previously well known for their tardy service and long queues,

I was at the 147 years old KL General Hospital (HBKL,GHKL or HKL) this morning. Not only are the nurses friendlier, but they all seemed genuinely happy and went out of the way to help patients. Even the doctors came out of their consultation rooms to look for patients. Guess what? They even have a Drive Through Pharmacy now

We don’t always need privatization to fix things. We need a change of attitude and guts to identify weaknesses and to find better ways of doing the same things.The area shown on this pic is a wheelchair parking area though the markings on the floor are a little faded, The nurse standing there was like a mobile help counter, aiding and guiding patients who were confused or lost.

She also chatted with solo patients. Seeing her smile made me smile. After all, we go to hospitals to feel better and a few uplifting moments do no harm. The improvement in productivity and efficiency mean the waiting area was virtually empty by 11 am. So what are are private sector corporations good at? Producing feel good PSA videos during festivals lah.

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