Chinese Lontong

Since I mentioned the shop next to SR Inn in Simpang Renggam serving lontong, let’s look at it. It was fascinating and interesting to see such a cute crossover food served by a few Chinese coffee shops.

The popular Johor Malay (originally Indonesian) dish is rebooted as Chinese food. It is a testimony of the cordial and harmonious interracial relationships in Johor.

The dish here cannot be halal as this coffee shop also serves pork and loads of beers. The kopitiam is a common watering hole in small towns, where pubs are few and rare.

The lontong here is good and satisfying food for breakfast. I liked slicing the included half boiled egg and mixing it up with the sambal, the rice cubes and cabbage.

Got too much sambal around your mouth? I chuckled at the many toilet paper rolls hanging from the walls of the kopitiam, supposedly for customers to use as serviettes. Which is kind of practical and handy as Chinese coffee shops never provide free serviettes, unlike Mamak and Malay shops.

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