Hotels In KL – A List For All Seasons

In anticipation of Air Asia’s inaugural flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, I am in the process of preparing the list of hotels in the various islands of Hawaii.

In doing so, I consulted a few Hawaiian friends. A couple off them asked me: “What about us?” They can now also come to Kuala Lumpur just as easily. Fair enough. I prepared a list of hotels for people planning to visit KL. Although, I grew up in Kuala Lumpur and have been to many of the hotels myself, it is turning out to be a challenging task. I have not even heard of many of the newer hotels. It was like 20 years ago when I asked Singaporean friends and relatives about a hotel. They will say “I don\t know lah. there is a new hotel popping up at every corner”

Kuala Lumpur city has progressed tremendously and expanded in that way too, if the many new hotels are an indication. For example, I didn’t even know there is a new Holiday Inn after the last one in Jalan Pinang. That became Impiana On The Park. To refresh my memory, I took a drive around. Old timers will be surprised to see the Equatorial flattened and demolished. Another supper favorite The Lodge is still there, albeit with a new name. The old KL Hilton is also gone. Some are nice surprises like seeing Majestic Cinema is now D Majestic by Swiss Garden.

Shabby Pudu Plaza behind is now Hotel Pudu Plaza. Hotels may remain but name changes. Pan Pacific is now Seri Pacific and classy Carcosa is no more. Sometimes a hotel is not gone but is using a new name. Nikko is now the Intercontinental. Silly that new owners or management try to shake off every connection to the old name, losing all the goodwill earned and making it difficult for satisfied customers fo find.

One thing I should point out is that the grander the name, the reality is likely to be opposite. Also the tagging of landmarks to the name or address may not necessarily mean proximity. Check maps yourself. For example, every hotel in Brickfields has KL Sentral in its address when they are xatually outside the transport hub.

Similarly, be aware that KLCC is also tagged to many hotels not even under the shadows of the twin towers. Keep this list when friends from abroad are planning to visit. I have zoned the hotels into 5 distinct areas. KLCC/Golden Triangle, Putrajaya, Brickfields, Chinatown/Pudu/Masjid India and others. The type of accommodation covered ranges from the RM 500 a night 5 star Shangri-la to a RM 14 a night dormitory in Chinatown.

Please share with a friends visiting Kuala Lumpur and peruade them to book a room through me. Thank you for your support:



I like this road in an old part of the city. It is chaotic, cars go against traffic in the one-way street, and the twisty buildings are dizzying. It has character.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 100, f4.5, 1/200 sec.

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The Half Jungle

Since SJK (C) Chong Fah Phit Chee was founded 109 years ago, in 1909, it gives an indication as to how long ago the Chinese community settled in Pudu.

Till today, Pudu is still known as Half Jungle in Chinese. It harkens back to the early development days of Kuala Lumpur when it was partially developed..

Half Jungle was the area between Pudu Jail and Cheras. Search to see my photo essay on Pudu Market for more insights.

Back to the school. From its original humble wooden building, a new building was built in 1952. It is both privately and publicly funded. In 2011, funds were raised to modernise the old building from 1952.

The ceiling, roof and wiring were replaced with funds from a community chest to keep the school and students safe. Inset picture of renovated building from Community Chest website (

I don’t like the school emblem or logo that was possibly inspired by the winged emblem or logo of Harley Davidson. I forget that school badges often took this shape. Used to collect metal school badges as a hobby. The enameled button badges have a safety pin welded to the back.

I wonder if people still collect school badges? It was gratifying and an honour to do badge exchanges when visiting another school for a sports event or science fair. Life was simple then.

While photographing the Pudu Market, I met many female traders who were from the more than a century old Pudu English Secondary School (PESS). I know my Fb friend Kimyee Wong was. 🙂

It is located at Jalan Foss, opposite the former F&N factory. I think I may have collected its unique purple badge. Sadly, I don’t know where my collection is now.

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Whoa – Souped Up Cars On Thaipusam Chariot Night

I really don’t know how to write the captions for this pic. You know the cars that we see parked under the bridges in Putrajaya? Their intent are to show off their car’s sound system or I.C.E. (in-car entertainment system), I think.

I always expect see some owners waving jumper cables because battery drain will be no small issue. Haha.

You know how some Yindians like to decorate or accessories their cars in the most gaudy fashion? What happens when they combine the two loves?

Last night, we saw a car decorated like a chariot and it was blasting very loud Indian music. Lo and behold! There wasn’t just one Knight Rider or KITT wannabe.

The whole street had similar cars parked together like an exhibition or competition, all with funky lights and music thumping hard in anticipation of the chariot.

Imagine the noise and blinding lights from the mobile Light Sensation show. Am happy to be able to record this new phenomenon on a Thaipusam procession night.

What are such car competitions normally called, anyway?

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 3200, f4, 1/30 sec.

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What A Lulu

The roads were peppered with mysterious stationery cars that stalled in the middle of the road, it seemed.

Jugjet found his Lulu moment when he realised he was tailgating illegally parked or driverless cars. All of a sudden, I saw a LuLu.

Like a Lulu, I felt like a ‘Jakun’ seeing the bright lights of Las Vegas for the first time. Lulu is also a local slang word for noobiness or a numbskulled person but usually used affectionately.

LuLu, the neon celebrated building here, as I found out later, is an international retail chain with presence in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qater, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India and Indonesia. The lights of Vegas were soon outdone by an Yindian car we saw moments later. Coming up next.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 3200, f4, 1/50 sec.

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