A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was in Sungai Wang Plaza the other day. PuiSee Chu took me to Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts. I was excited at first. I have not tried them before, knowing it is a mega hipster rage even without duck egg yolk in it. I first saw them in a Ramadan bazaar in Singapore last year. Pui See knows her way around Sungai Wang Plaza. She knows the outlets, the corridors, the pink ladies parking and the lift location. Which was a good thing as we found our way around rapidly. I never understood the layout of this old and giant mall. All I know is one wrong turn, I will end up in a row of hair dressing saloons that emanate the most horrific rotten egg odour because Chinese people were perming their straight hair.

That’s Sungai Wang for you. I asked Pui See about her familiarity and she confessed she was a bohsia (or a female teen mall rat) during her Form 4 or Form 5 days. She’ll take a bus here after school. It was the only mall with a cineplex and an ice skating rink during its time. Also the only mall with a filthy food court in the rooftop car park. Tony Warren won’t like this but I met the other Tom Jones of Malaysia working at the garbage incinerator next to the food court. I think it was Mark Sylvester. Would you believe Sungai Wang Plaza is now buying a Harley and getting a man bun? It is now 40 years old, as it opened in 1977. I first met DJ Kenneth MC Zap here too. I think he was spinning at the concourse.

Pui See bought a box of tarts and left me to myself at the table because she needed to get her power bank from her car. Maybe I don’t have enough hipster DNA in my blood. My excitement turned to dismay when I accidentally crushed the tart with my fingers. An ugly mess of disgusting molten cheese spilled into my fingers. How can anyone eat this and not feel jelak? Jelak is a local word to describe over satiation or disgust with certain food that makes you want to puke or burp. Happens when Asians binge eat creamy stuff. This single piece made me want avoid Hokkaido for good!

Not Pui See’s fault though as I wanted to try it. One woman’s cheese is another man’s shit. YMMV. Now Sex Bomb is playing in my mind. All because I checked Mark’s FB and saw a video of him singing the Tom Jones hit. I first saw the Tom Jones of Malaysia Tony Warren when I was a kid when he was singing at Weld Supermarket. It was in a standalone building with a spacious open air car park opposite Weld Swimming Pool. Remember that area? There was Eden too. For hotels around Sungai Wang and the Golden Triangle, see Hotels In Kuala Lumpur. #cheesetarts #tarts #sungaiwangplaza #hokkaido #tomjones #nolstagia #review

Korean Seafood And Spring Onion Pancake

Korean Seafood And Spring Onion Pancake.

One of the nicest things to eat at a Korean restaurant is a Spring Onion Pancake. At B Bap, it is fried with eggs, seafood and spring onions. It is both crunchy, fluffy, crispy thin and is cut up into slices like a droopy thin crust pizza. My favourite is from Taiwan House in Ampang Point mall. Spring onion pancake is also a traditional Chinese home cooked dish using eggs, scallions, Chinese chives or ku chai and onions.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 250, f4, 1/125 sec.

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Funny how an almost 20 year old song stays fresh in your mind. Fresh like mint. I ordered a Mint Soda at the popular Korean casual cafe and they brought a glass of raw mint leaves and a can of Schweppes soda.

Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose
You can plant any one of those
Keep planting to find out which one grows
It’s a secret no one knows
It’s a secret no one knows
Oh, no one knows
Mmmbop, ba duba dop

Asus Zenphone3, ISO 368, f2, 1/60 sec.

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A Cockerel’s Tail

To see how beautiful the tail is, one may need to photograph the rooster from one of the upper floors. The majestic tail is made up of lanterns. It wasn’t lit when I was on the ground level (see previous pic).

Panasonic GM-1, ISO 320, f4, 1/60 sec.

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The Biggest Cock In Town

With Chinese New Year (CNY) around the corner, every shopping mall in town is showing off a big cockerel in conjunction with the Lunar Year Of The Rooster. Nu Sentral Mall outsized everyone with a tall and gigantic chicken in the lobby. A little girl and her mother takes a pic on location. Photography Tip: When photographing Gulliver sized objects, always include another human for size comparison and to show scale. Not sure if we can still call the rivalry a Small Cock Syndrome.

Happy Chinese New Year and safe travels everyone.

Panasonic GM-1, ISO 3200, f4, 1/320 sec.

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