A Heartwarming And Heartbreaking Moment

As I was at Sup Hussin the other day,and while waiting for the breaking of fast, I saw something heartwarming. I saw a mamak (Indian Muslim) employee or maybe the boss himself feeding homeless cats with kibbles from a biscuit tin.

It can be more than altruism though. Hungry, homeless cats might beg by nudging the feet of customers and irritate or scare some people.

It was heartening and heartbreaking at the same time, for me. The scene triggered some sadness for me. I used to feed some random stray street cats from a biscuit tin previously too. I can no longer feed them because buying of pet food is so expensive and I have 5 other hungry cats at home to feed too.

I can’t work after my discharge from hospital and my revenue is down to a trickle. I worry about the nameless, faceless and homeless cats everyday.

I can look for them and continue feeding again if someone kind or generous can donate some kibbles or a little money by PayPal to tvsmith@gmail.com

Thank you in advance. Thank you, mamak for feeding the hungry strays, not with scraps but with real pet food. I will proudly patronize your shop more whenever I can.

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Goat Soup For The Soul

I was writing about the quaint mosque in Setapak the other day and an IG follower reminded me of the famous sup kambing and popia basah (soft skinned spring rolls) shop found behind the mosque. A non-Muslim friend and I decided to go look at Pasar Ramadan bazaars today. I suggested we go to the sup shop to celebrate the first buka puasa or the first breaking of fast this year.

My bowl of sup kambing (front) and my friend’s sup ayam at the rear of the pic. Sliced loaf of Roti Banggali bread was served (chargeable). I ordered a plate of plain white rice to go with the spicy and fragrant soup.

Am thankful for the simple, affordable yet delicious meal. Grateful for my friend’s flexibility. Honoured to be able to celebrate the first day of Ramadan with a like-minded and good friend. Another wonderful news today. Feeling blessed. Was looking for the teacher who stayed next to the mosque and he called me today and we spoke again after a few decades! That will be a story for another day!

Restoran Hussin Sup & Popia Jalan Pahang is tricky to navigate to if you are unfamiliar with the area. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

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The Mamak Stall – Celebrating A Malaysian Institution

The roadside mamak stall is such a unique Malaysian institution. A convenience many take for granted until they migrated elsewhere. It can pop up under a tree and it is a great place to find food and drinks in a seeming remote neighbourhood. I was in a strange place behind Jalan Loke Yew with my friend Thiru Nash.

The red leafed iced tea in a scratchy plastic glass. Famous teh tarik or hot pulled tea is another favourite. The characteristic tray with soy sauce and pepper shakers, with another holding toothpicks. It prompts you to order ‘telur setengah masak’ (half boiled eggs) or maybe a roti.

Missing here are the ready packed nasi lemak and bee hoon. I wished there were fallen and dried leaves on the table to add character but the umbrella attached to each table does its job.
There is also another container with spoons and signature cheap forks with crooked or bent prongs. And free tissue papers or serviettes which we will never get at a Chinese coffee shop. And finally, there are other loafers and lepakians too.

I switched to Apeture Priority to include the other loafers at the back. At f22, the focus went from the ice cubes in my iced tea, to all the way to the back. There are technical things to think about at a mamak too.

Panasonic Lumix GM-1, ISO 2000, f22, 1/60 sec.

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The Last Hand-Powered Ice Shaver- Cendol Ibrahim Banting

Cendol Ibrahim is another famous Banting institution worth checking out. The shop from the 1960s is one of the last cendol stalls still using an old fashioned hand powered-ice shaver.

Asus ZenFone 3 image.

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