Announcing A New Feature At MyCen Hotels

Agoda introduced a new search box to its affiliate partners via a webinar recently. Was the first time I sat through a webinar and found it very effective and informative. The video was clear and smooth, the audio very good. Amazing how much difference a good broadband connection makes. Another significant positive fact was that the manager answered all my questions later via e-mail. See screenshot of the new search box attached.

The new search box is claimed to provide better conversion, better precision with auto suggest, is mobile friendly and has better functionality, among other things. I am averse to making changes as the previous search panel worked. Like most web things, technical support will end eventually for the old. Tech companies call it “deprecated”.
I spent much time helping users find a specific hotel which some couldn’t because of sloppy spelling while searching. People are used to spell correction on Google Search. I don’t mind. PM or e-mail me anytime. Hopefully, the new search boxes can help alleviate this with auto suggestions. If you spelled “Xiaman”, it should suggest “Xiamen, China”

Most of my time is spent creating specific destinations to make it easier to find hotels in that area or city. I am placing the new search box on the sidebar of every page. It means a user can easily search to find over 1.4 million properties in any part of the world, many with discounted rates. Be it Sacramento, Kuala Krai, Vladivostok, Bagan or AsunciĆ³n, for example.

Try it on the site. MyCen Hotels –

On the search results page. the rates are shown in your local currency as determined via your browser. You can change it and the language at the top of the results page. You can also change the check in / check out dates.

It takes a lot of work but it is the nature of running a business. I need to get it to work as I have no revenue for now after my hospitalization. Irony is, I have more time to work on it since I have no work. There are more challenges in the business model which I will explain later.

To the many who booked through me; thank you for your support. Please share this with a friend or friends who travel.

Update: You can now access the search box on the right hand side bar on every page of this blog. It is right on top on right.

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