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You can book and see all featured hotels directly. It ranges from the RM 4200 a night Waldorf Astoria of Beverly Hills to the RM 23 a night Polo Regatta in Saint Petersburg Russia.

1. The Polo Regatta Hotel on the Gulf of Finland

2. The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

3. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India

4. Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel

5. Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel

6. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

7. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

8. Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC

9. Salcombe Harbour Hotel and Spa

10. Sea Lion Firefly Concept Hotel Kuala Selangor

Tehran, Iran

When you see a bunch of Muslim tourists exploring every nook and cranny in the massive Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur, they are probably Iranians. This family are. I asked.

They are liberal and curious about another culture. After that, I met a family of Iranians inside a lift in Sungai Wang mall. In a small talk, the head of the family kept asking me if I know the difference between Iran and Iraq. He was surprised when I told him I know Iran is Persian while Iraq is Arab. They all speak good English. I am surprised and happy I can find the original camera file/ image of Thean Hou from 2010.

In the early 1980s, I was about to enter Iran and the Iranian Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini and the toppling of the Pahlavi dynasty under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was fresh news. There after came the Iran hostage crisis which lasted 444 days. The diplomatic standoff between Iran and the United States resulted in a very complicated relationship between the two countries lasting till today. Friends told me then. getting an Iranian stamp on my passport will jeopardize future US visa applications.

The playboy Shah was supported by the United States.The last monarch and emperor of Iran spent his final days in exile in the United States. He died in Egypt in 1980.

Fast forward to today and a friend and hotel booking client asked if I know of any hotel in Tehran. I checked and found many roadblocks. I suspect it is because of economic sanctions by US and UN. The booking middle men companies and credit card companies are American. I persevered and found the hotels, After all, people of other nationality do travel to Iran because of legit involvement in the oil and gas industry. You can try here.

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Don’t Be Square

In the first part of my story on Austrian entrepreneur Alex Mark, I wrote about meeting the owner and chef from Moussandra some 15 years or longer ago. He has since settled in Langkawi and we lost contact.

Fast forward to 2017. I started the hotel booking portal. In the early part of this year I was researching unique and strange hotels and I came across Das Park Hotel in Austria. It is a collection of five freestanding cylindrical rooms made from re purposed metropolitan drainage pipes. I was wondering how Malaysians will take to sleeping in sewer drain pipes or longkang as they call it.

Incidentally, I have been to Austria only once because me and Malaysian student friend, George, drove from Chur in Switzerland to Austria to look for beers after midnight. The guard at the small border post had not even heard of Malaysia. He and his German Shehperd dog examined our passports hard.

Found out that, by coincidence, Alex is operating a similar concept hotel on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, where he and family settled. First thing I asked Austrian Alex Mark is whether it is connected to Das Park in Austria and he said no. He said he liked the idea and decided to tubocharged it. He gave it a less cryptic name – Tubotel Langkawi, The keyword being tube. It is affordable compared to many other hotels and resorts on the holiday island and has a great view of the ocean. Each pipe is air conditioned, has a double bed, TV but with external shared bathrooms.

Book Tubotel Langkawi here and see more pics:

Pics from Tubotel website at Their slogan is Don’t Be Square!

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Zoila and the W Hotel of Barcelona

Critical Appreciation – 005

I have followed Intagrammer Zoila Guerrero (@zoila_guerrero) for years and always thought she is Spanish or Brazilian. She told me she is Ecuadorian. I contacted her to get her permission to share this pic for 3 reasons. It will be an injustice if I didn’t let mankind see her awesome body in a bikini doing a beach volleyball squat.

Secondly. I wanted to introduce the RM 5000 a night W Hotel of Barcelona. It is the stylish tall building on the beachfront along the Barceloneta boardwalk . Seen here behind Zoila, the hotel was designed by well known and award winning Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill. His projects can be seen all over the world. View the interior or book the hotel at MyCen Hotels here:

Thirdly, there are also a couple of photography tips to derive from this pic. People get distracted at the beach easily and don’t keep an eye on the horizontal leveling, This is particularly important when you are shooting the sea where the real horizon must be level. Notice the W Hotel and trees are tilting to the left?

Another tip: When I step onto a sunny open airspace in the daytime, I always look at the shadows formed on the ground. This will tell you which direction the sun is shining from. Be conscious of it and you can avoid dark faces when the sun is behind.

Coming up next, Can a picture with the statuesque Zoila go wrong?


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Solving One Problem At A Time

Solving One Problem At A Time.

Kind follower Viji (@vrviji on IG) gave me some feedback about the Search Box on my blog not displaying as it should on his iPhone. I suspect it is also worsen by the cranky Drupal CMS I am using. Compatibility on mobile devices is inevitably complicated with so many OS, browsers and screen sizes on so many different devices out there in the market. Tip: Resetting zoomed view to default can usually help.

I requested Viji screen capture the issue for me and he kindly did and e-mailed me promptly. I forwarded it to the manager in Agoda so he can pass it to the developers. Meanwhile, instead of waiting for trouble shooting and resolution, I requested from the manager to supply me a manual link to a neutral or generic search page that will work on all devices. The text link carries my CID or ID to properly track any commission attributed to me. Do not e-mail the link or embed it elsewhere as the system will detect or validate whether it comes from a registered or approved page or source.

Such is the complex backend of affiliate marketing. To share with a friend, always share my site url or the post “article” link. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Where are the direct text links? See position or locations on screenshot attached. On the top half is that on my blog at
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