Introducing Nga Nga

Nga Nga is our lonely and bored indoor cat. He holds a special place in our hearts. Eight or nine years ago, my mom saw a tiny kitten trapped and crying in a water logged and deep monsoon drain that he must have fallen into.

Mom summoned me and I jumped in without thinking. The drain was so deep I could not climb back up. Had to walk a mile before finding a way to climb out, with the wet, dirtied and frightened kitten in hand. Nga Nga means baby in Cantonese. Was the name registered at the vet when he was sent for check up and vaccinations.

Nga Nga is seen here wearing a collar that came with one of the bags of cat food donated by Lewyee Ng through Tesco’s online purchase and delivery.

The cats still need food donations. See my recent post entitled “There Is Hope” ( (or PM me for the Tesco link) and info on how you can help Nga Nga and my other cats. Thank you.

Pictures with Asus Zenfone3

There Is Hope

After speaking to Jidz Mohamed of Tesco Malaysia, I can confirm you can donate cat food and cat litter for my 5 cats. Their usual brand is Smartheart Seafood Flavour and they are costing me a fortune currently. I have had them since rescuing and adopting them as orphaned homeless kittens.

My revenue is reduced with my recent medical condition. My mobility is affected too and shopping for heavy stuff is challenging, I worry constantly about their food and other burden but am cheered up when I see them play with me.

Tesco online store will deliver your online purchases and I will need to give you my address and mobile number privately. Please PM or email me for that. You will also need to choose a time slot for delivery.

It is a dependable system used by many animal shelters and soup kitchens. Currently, generous and angelic PuiSee Chu has donated, helped me buy and delivered it to my home when she is able. Other kind people and animal lovers have donated too, after the last appeal.

If you are abroad, you might have problem using an overseas issued credit or debit card. That sucks. Let me know and I will check with Tesco. You can also send money by Pay Pal to and I can utilise the funds to buy the needed food for the cats. Thank you for your donations and contributions.

Direct Link to Cat Food:…/en-GB/products/7000634743
*You may choose a bigger or smaller pack.

Direct Link to Cat Litter Clumping Sand:…/en-GB/products/7003668754

Picture of The Alleycats. Three of the cats when they were kittens and scavenging for food in the back alley. Tabby on the left is all grown up now and was shown recently at the vet with a loose tooth. Are there other things I need? Yes. Please ask by PM. Thank you.

Cat Roar

One of my cats getting up on a lazy Sunday morning. I saw him yawning in front of nice window light and went to get the camera.

To make him yawn again for the camera, I pretended to yawn a few times as he looked at me sheepishly.

Eventually, he yawned again. Don’t know if it is contagious yawning or he was bored by the whole thing.

Is cross-species contagious yawning even possible? Some scientists believe, in the case of humans, it is triggered by empathy.

Didn’t spend too much time wondering. We went back to sleep.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 500, f4, 1/60 sec.

The Junkyard Dog Sleeps Tonight

The faithful junkyard dog finds a comfy spot different from the usual rusted metal, cardboard and other junk.

Saw this dog during my exploration of Hulu Bernam area recently. The junkyard dog is a popular movie trope often used to set up a scene with impending sinister activity or hostility.

For all its movie reputation of aggressiveness and alertness, it possesses a less-recognised attribute in real-life. Unconditional loyalty to owners who provide scant creature comforts.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/160 sec.

It’s A Jungle Out There

The inhabitants here are of the Temuan tribe and indeed there is a dog at every turn. Aboriginal dogs were originally kept as hunting dogs and were lean and mean.

Acting also as guard dogs for those staying deep in the jungles, they alert human companions to approaching wild boars, bears and other aggressive wildlife. Importantly, they provide endless fun and companionship for Orang Asli children growing up without toys, gadgets and electricity.

Here at this village, the dogs are mostly lethargic and sleep in the middle of the road. So do be very careful if you drive through the village.

I was enchanted by the rustic settings and asked a village elder if there is some kind of homestay hut. Although he speaks impeccable English, just like the aboriginal character in Crocodile Dundee, he didn’t understand the term ‘homestay’. I mentioned ‘hotel’ and he smiled.

Me, him and the dog ended up hiking up a steep jungle trail. Panting under the weight of my equipment, I stopped him to ask if this mysterious, fabled jungle place has a porter to help with my luggage.

Not surprisingly, he said “No!”. But then he added: “They have a Nepalese sherpa”. Haha. What unfolded next is mind-blowing.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 125, f4, 1/500 sec.