Jakun Moments – Singapore Casinos

The word Jakun is used to described a country bumpkin or greenhorn who is amazed by seeing something new for the first time. The word somehow entered the vocabulary of both the Chinese and Malays. Jakuns are an actual orang asli tribe and it is derogatory and disrespectful towards the Jakuns to associate them with ignorance and for being unrefined and uncivilized. I think the word is usually used without malice and it has no replacement or perfect synonym.

I will begin a new series on self deprecating Jakun moments during travel. Me and Emily Lowe visited both the new casinos in Singapore – RWS and MBS when they opened in 2011. We two Jakuns went ‘”Wah” when we saw a Lamborghini offered as Jackpot prize. Can’t remember if this was Resorts World or Marina Bay Sands. I can remember I entered both and played wearing short dockers or cargo pants or khakis. We Jakuns thought only a long sleeve batik shirt or a clip-on necktie were compulsory after years of grounding in Genting.

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