Don’t Be A Chicken On Social Media

I mentioned a pet peeve of mine on social media earlier. It is perplexing to see people posting landscape and travel pics without a description of its location or nary a caption. Not only is it a result of “kiasuism” or afraid to lose attitude but they could be agents of telcos out to increase bandwidth consumption.

The culprits seem to want increased comment count because they know their followers will ask “where lah?” repeatedly, Though, I think the best comment ought to be Flower Bridge in Cantonese (Far Kiu).

Look: no matter how beautiful was your sunset beach pic, somebody will do better. Maybe some people are secretive because they went somewhere without their spouse or partner’s knowledge. or there could be another reason. Tell me, habitual kiasuians: How hard is it to type Morib or Malibu Beach? I’ll understand if it is to protect an unspoilt. remote and pristine nature attraction. I also understand your haste to post.

Even more frustrating are people who post food pics and provide no info as to the dish or the name of a restaurant or eatery. I asked a girl once why she concealed the name of a restaurant. She gave me the most absurd but honest reply.

She said she doesn’t want to make the restaurant more popular or it won’t be her own little secret and by popularising it. it may make the place non exclusive to her anymore. What a selfish reason as many small traders don’t have a budget to advertise and depend on word of mouth.

Be sociable on social media or get off it. Share if you agree.

Pic of free range chickens in lovely kampung house at the lonely road from Kerling town to Lembah Beringin, How many chickens do you see?

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