Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 3.

Photography Tip: Look for a plain chick with a entrance/exit cutout. Use it as a frame but it only works when there is a person behind. I think this was the proprietor of the medicine shop in Bidor.

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Wooden Chick Is Not Your Frigid Or Unemotional Girlfriend – Part 2

A Very Old Chick.

A wooden or bamboo chick I saw on the front of a camera shop in tiny Parit Jawa town, south of Muar. The advertisement for a Asahi Pentax Spotmatic camera reads like history. It dates it to between 1964 and 1976, leaving a clue about the longevity of the shop. The model was the then much aspired SLR 35mm film camera because of its compact design, Takumar lenses and TTL needle metering. Then, came the even smaller, analog Olympus OM-1.

I searched Google Street View and was blown away to see Kedai Gambar Wong on Jalan Jabbar, behind the famous Ikan Assam Pedas Chinese corner kopitiam where Muarian Noraini (Yusof Noi) took me to eat.

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More Batu Pahat

More esoteric pics of Batu Pahat by Dr Lowkp Pakar Sakit Puan, obstetrician and gynecologist at the New Putra Specialist Hospital in Batu Pahat. Batu Pahat or BP is a nice mixture of heritage buildings and country lifestyle. Dr Lowkp Pakar Sakit Puan is at https://www.facebook.com/obgy.lowkp on Fb.

1, Doc doing yoga with a dinosaur at Taman Rekreasi Tasik Y Batu Pahat.
2. Surau Arab which he described as the shophouse mosque.
3. Ancient door at old shophouse in town.
4. Boat docking bay at Pantai Teluk Wawasan fishing village
5. Crystal Temple in Pantai Minyak Beku. Sea Dragon God deity.

Find a hotel in Batu Pahat here: http://www.mycen.my/batu-pahat-hotel-deals-finder/

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Son Of A Hotel Owner.

Son Of A Hotel Owner.

I had a childhood friend whose family operated a hotel with the grand sounding name of Hotel De Luxe.

When he went to London to study, his reputation as a hotel owner commanded a lot of respect. His uni mates thought it must be a legendary hotel like the ones in Hollywood or Rome, housed in an art deco building. He told them the hotel had a casino.

In reality, it was a ‘rumah tumpangan’ or a budget lodging house above the family’s coffee shop or kopitiam. The casino was the mahjong table in a corner. Lol.

The friend has since migrated to the states. I am sure he will make it big.

I know about rumah tumpangan as I worked for the late Malay movie legend Mustapha Maarof. He owned a production house and was very frugal. We, the film crew, must look for the cheapest hotels when were were outstation. It may sound tough but I now appreciate the experience and challenges of traveling on a shoestring budget.

Those ‘rumah tumpangan’ were the predecessors of today’s slick budget hotels. The walls or partitions don’t touch the ceilings. That means you can hear everything from the next room. There is usually a ceiling fan in the middle, a spittoon and a mosquito coil provided. A thermos flask for hot water and a bar of 999 Chlorophyll Soap were also provided. The anti skin infection soap was a good idea as the blankets were furry from wear.

If you are lucky, you can order food from the coffee shop downstairs. Famous Yong Suan and its nasi ganja in Ipoh is a good example. When the highway opened up, it eliminated travel time and the need to stop overnight. Unfortunately, the owners were not online savvy and made no affiliations with online agents and were unable to compete relying on walk in guests alone.

There was one in every town, big or small, to cater to the traveling salesmen and van drivers or delivery men. It is a legacy institution fast fading,

Picture of Lok Ann Hotel from 1938 boarded up and awaiting demolition to make way for the MRT. The Chinatown hotel is a venerable landmark with a coffee shop on the ground floor. Pic was taken in April 2015. The giant flag bearers were part of the flag vaulting team in a chingay parade. .

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I Saw A Stegosaurus With A Beer Belly, Man Boobs And Spine Plates

I Saw A Stegosaurus With A Beer Belly, Man Boobs And Spine Plates.

I was driving in Port Klang town when I thought I saw a human Stegosaurus from the Jurassic period. I stopped my car and got down to have a closer look.

It turned out some form of ancient Chinese and Egyptian cupping therapy. According to the Malay ‘medicine man’, the bamboo tubes suck out bad “wind” form the body.

There is a ‘snake oil’ salesman outside each of the three lottery shops.

Of course, you don’t have to look like a dinosaur or flash your manboobs to the innocent public.

The five-foot-way stall owner has a bottle of green liquid that can do the same magic for only RM10.

I liked how reactive or flexible the salesman was. When he sees a potential Chinese customer, he will say he learned it from a Chinese sifu.

When an Indian customer takes an interest, he says: “Look at my faithful Indian client sitting here.” Hehe.

Malay customers? His pitch was you can find him selling outside the National Mosque on certain days. Subtly suggesting some religious validation for the naive. Brilliant.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 250, f10, 1/250 sec.

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