Warung Mak Tim

To the many people planning to go to Warong Mak Tim for the first time, after reading my posts, here is a view of Warong Mak Tim from outside, for you.

It may be best to look for the road facing it; which is Jalan AU 1A/2F. Google Maps is a bit lacking here. Waze is better.

Also note the sign says business hours are from 11 morning to probably 10 at night. The time was blanked out or painted over, possibly due to changes. Hopefully, Mak Tim’s daughter Dalilah can comment/update us again.

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What The Fog

It is no different from any in the big cities. Disarray of satellite dishes, messy utility cables and a few garishly-renovated houses sticking out like sore thumbs.

Except for one thing. In the city, one would automatically assume a neighbour is down with dreaded dengue fever when one sees a big cloud of white fog. Are the authorities doing symbolic fogging again after the mosquitoes have bolted?

Not here, thankfully. The fogging at their doorsteps are low-lying clouds and fresh mountain mist. Now that’s living.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f9, 1/640 sec.