Tips On How To Ensure Your Camera Survives A Water Attack During Songkran

If your camera is not weather or water resistant, use a rain cape or splash bag. You can also wrap plastic bags around it but it is not the safest or most convenient method.

Remember though that the more you dress up to protect your camera and yourself, the more you will become a target. People hate boorish-looking people. As such, a guy with raincoat and swim goggles will attract attention and loads of water.

Adults generally understand you don’t shoot water directly into someone’s camera or phone. Kids don’t care and will aim at your lens. With so many people armed with gigantic squirt guns, jets of water will come from every direction.

A big bucket splash can be fatal even for a weather-resistant camera. So avoid taking a direct hit by ducking, or holding the camera to your back, if you can.

Even if a camera is completely waterproof, there is one other side effect: splashes and drip on the lens. Bring along a towel for quick wipes. There is no need to wipe religiously though.

Alternatively, you can use a long tele lens to snap from a safe distance but the pictures will look aloof. Nothing beats getting near or into the middle of the action to capture the drama.

Avoid the people who attack you with talcum powder. The fine powder can get into the innards of a lens and destroy it.

I CANT HELP YOU IF YOU ARE A BABE. Every guy, including monks. want to see a female in a wet T-shirt or pants. Every water gun within 1 kilometer, will be aimed at you. In fact. try to avoid walking next to a babe as your camera will die as collateral.

Lastly but just as important, remember also to bring a waterproof pouch for your wallet, phone and car keys. With peace of mind, you will have more fun.

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Happy Songkran and stay safe.

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Happy Songkran

Happy Songkran to Thai friends and Happy New Year to friends in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. It is also the Khmer New Year. Also Burma’s traditional New Year. Many people know it as the Water Festival where friendly dunking and splashing is a ritual, especially in Thailand. It is also celebrated in parts of northeast India, parts of Vietnam and Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, China.

I called a friend in Cambodia last night and he said it is a long holiday weekend. Happy Holidays.

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