Tanjung Malim

Slim River Rest House

When I was photographing Tanjung Malim and surrounding areas, I was looking for a nice hotel to stay. I ended up at the Slim River Rest House because I liked the green surroundings.At one glance, Rumah Rehat Slim River looks like a charming hippie commune from the flower power days. Only thing missing is a VW Kombi with psychedelic colours.

Unlike other government rest houses from colonial days, this one is relatively recent. The reception clerk told me it was built in the 1960s.

The motel-style chalets are on stilts, clustered on a big lawn with nice countryside surroundings as a backdrop.

Unfortunately, it is run by the district council and like many government owned rest houses, the government servants in charge see no need to be competitive by making affiliations with online booking merchants.

Can’t really blame them when the more sophisticated Sekeping Serendah and Summit Signature Hotel Silm River aren’t signed with Agoda or Booking dot com either.

Sad that many fine and historic rest houses with awesome food eventually closed down. There is a rest house in Tanjung Malim town itself but it was abandoned and left in shambles. I wrote about it some time ago.

So where can you stay in the Tanjung Malim area?

Hotel Sahara Inn -Tanjung Malim,
Adelia Hill Farm Kalumpang,
One Home Hotel Batang Kali

Bukit Beruntung Business Hotel,
The Leverage Business Hotel Rawang,
Slim Village Leisure Farm (Pet Friendly) Kampung Penderas,
Felda Residence Trolak,

Summit Signature Hotel Slim River (Tel: 605 452 8993)
Sekeping Serendah (Tel: 012 324 6552)
Slim River Rest House (Tel: 05 52 0023)
Fernz Hotel (Tel: 05-458 1120)
Sri Malim Hotel  (Tel: 05-459 9333)

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