The Back Way Is The Best Way To Cameron Highlands

The Back Way Is The Best Way To Cameron Highlands

For this journey, I took the off-the-beaten track back road. It is the old ‘Silk Road” that meanders alongside the Main Range.

My journey began at the foothill of Genting Highlands and on to Raub where the road splits to the other highlands resort of Fraser’s Hill.

From Raub, I headed north to Sungei Koyan where the road splits again, with Kelantan and the National Park to the east.

At this remote crossroad, I headed west and up into winding mountain road before descending into the outrageously mutilated Bertam Valley. Further down, the once-beautiful and misty Ringlet Lake is now an ugly silted mess.

Going uphill again, I was relieved that some of the tea plantations and strawberry farms from childhood memories are still there, like refugees in paradise lost.

I take refuge in the saying that it is the journey and not the destination that matters. During the drive, the landscape changed from plantations to secondary forests to mountains and I drove, literally, into the clouds. More pictures to follow.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f9, 1/800 sec.

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